WordPress Video Tutorial 9 How to Install and Use Themes

After introducing the WordPress plugin, this video tutorial explains how to install and use the WordPress theme, and the WordPress  theme-specific settings, and widgets.


First, the default theme analysis settings WordPress theme-specific settings widgets settings

Second, install a new wordpress theme WordPress  theme installation steps

Third, the management of all WordPress theme

WordPress official collection of the theme: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes Let your WordPress beautiful up!

WordPress Video Tutorial 8 How to Install and Use the Plug-in

Getting Started with WordPress Video Tutorial 8 – How to Install and Use Plugins

The previous section explained the simple steps of inserting video and music in WordPress.

The plugin is the most interesting part of WordPress! This plug-in video tutorial to explain the ins and outs of plug-ins.



First, Two default plugins, what WordPress plugins are introduced: Hello Dolly, Akismet

Second download, how to install WordPress plugins installed and installed WordPress plugin One Click Plugin Updater plugin Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu plugin

Third, how to manage WordPress plugin

Fourth, plugin directory location

Fifth, single file plugin zip package

Sixth, about automatic updates

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 7 How to Add Videos and Music to your Posts

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 7 – How to add a video and music to a WordPress post This video shows youku and xiami as an example of how to add video and music to a WordPress post.



First, Added to the WordPress article video

Second, WordPress articles, adding music

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 6 – Adding and Managing Pages, Links, Media Library

Getting started with WordPress video tutorial 6 – Adding and managing pages,links, media library

This video shows you how to add and manage the pages, links, media library, insert pictures, use linked pictures, and link management.

First, add and manage WordPress page

Second, how to insert a picture, manage the WordPress media library

Three, the benefits of using the picture outside the chain

Four, add and manage WordPress links

We follow WordPress tutorial content based on the proposed changes, so any thoughts, please ask.

Video is not available.

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 5 Add and Manage Articles and their Classifications and Labels

This video tutorial first introduces the ability to turn on comments and gears acceleration. And then explain the addition and management of classification, articles, three aspects of the label content.

One, the last lessons on WordPress settings to open comments and Gears

Second, add and manage WordPress categories

Third, add and manage WordPress articles

Video is not available.

WordPress Basic Video Tutorial 4 WordPress Basic Settings

This video answers the questions left by the first three lessons (mostly installed XAMPP, installing WordPress, XAMPP problem), and mainly on the WordPress basic settings after the installation. For example, modify the administrator password, add your own user, WordPress Permalink styles, settings, and so on. More sets will be described in subsequent courses.

First, the answers to the first three lessons port 80 being used that‘s the problem, the use of XAMPP

Second, change the Administrator‘s password

Third, add your own user

Four, simple presentation of General settings

Five, WordPress Permalink styles which we often see static, WordPress pseudo-static,WordPress fixed connection is a meaning.


Video is not available

Introduction to WordPress Video Tutorial 3 WordPress Installed on this Machine

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 3 – Installing WordPress on your computer After installing the XAMPP environment, it is very easy to install WordPress. This video introduces the whole process of installing WordPress .

Installing WordPress is a few minutes to fix things, is very easy.

We demand installs many, many instances of WordPress, in fact probably only repeated the process.

WordPress is widely used, for example, you can set up your blog, a product display page,a company‘s homepage, Web site of a team, each is a separate WordPress.

So skilled master WordPress installation process is necessary. After installing WordPress, based on the WordPress website is ready.


WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 2 WordPress Installation Environment Set Up

WordPress Getting Started Video tutorial 2 – WordPress installation environment set up a lesson we introduced what is WordPress , this video tutorial demonstrates the WordPress installation environment to build XAMPP, and describes the XAMPP installation process may encounter problems and solutions, which WordPress installation is the first step is the starting point of the WordPress tutorial. WordPress installed in this machine is the step you need to learn and master WordPress , in fact, install XAMPP. Emphasize that the purpose of installing WordPress locally for the convenience of testing WordPress themes and plug-ins, because the machine to build a server environment, the local access speed will be very fast. But it does not mean that you have an external access to the site. Tested in the machine, and indeed useful, useful WordPress plug-ins and WordPress theme then put on the site, so that your site’s security and speed are a guarantee. First, download XAMPP integrated installation package It contains the Apache, MySQL, PHP and other necessary procedures Second, the installation XAMPP Third, management and use XAMPP

Video is not Available




Getting started with WordPress Video Tutorial 1 What is WordPress?

Note: in order to be free to build knowledge, our excellent station construction video will be featured on the network dedicated to everyone, thanks to the original author and old five selfless dedication. Getting started with WordPress video tutorial 1 What is WordPress? As the first of this video tutorial lessons, first of all introduce the localization of WordPress video tutorial series, we want to use our own experiences, popularized in WordPress. Make more friends by WordPress to build their blogs and Web sites, can have a starting Guide. When we first contact with WordPress and feel a great need. And then show you what WordPress is, as well as its functions and features, and shows some of the more famous sites. Finally select a bit of advice on WordPress blogging friend. This WordPress Linux is mainly composed of five me, this is my first attempt at using video to explain the WordPress tutorials, although be prepared, but it’s certainly inadequate in many places. Do not want to affect the enthusiasm of everyone to learn WordPress. Thanks for helping my team members to collect and sort tutorial materials. We will also continue to improve in the future, if you have any comments and suggestions please speak up.



First, on the description of this video tutorial series II, what is WordPress,  what is the official website WordPress, WordPress frontend and backend introduces three basic WordPress functions and features powerful, high performance. Propagation can be simple, highly customizable, scalability is very strong. Themes, plugins and more. Website shows five four, WordPress, choose WordPress blogging advice on position 1, expression 2, others the value of six, the next class of service gave notice that the installation of WordPress