WordPress Video Tutorial 13 commonly used plug-in Recommendation 3 – to achieve the flip of the plug-in

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 13 – Common Plugin Recommendation 3 – Plugin to achieve page turning

To achieve the main function of the two pages to use wordpress plugin: pagenavi and pagebar This is a very common function. Two plug-ins can choose one. Here’s a little bit of little code to look at.

First, pagebar plug-in to achieve wordpress flip function http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pagebar http://www.elektroelch.de/hacks/wp/pagebar

  1. automatically insert the page button
  2. manually insert the page button

<? Php if (function_exists ( ‘wp_pagebar’)) wp_pagebar ();?>;

Second, pagenavi plug-in to achieve wordpress flip function http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-pagenavi/

<? Php if (function_exists ( ‘wp_pagenavi’)) {wp_pagenavi ();}?> Is it easy?

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 12 Batch Editing Labels and Classified Plugins

WordPress Getting Started Video tutorial 12 – commonly used plug-in recommended 2 bulk modification of labels and classification of plug-in labels and classification for WordPress log is a very important attribute in front of us also talked about how to modify and manage WordPress  tags and WordPress classification, but before Methods When a large amount of data is not convenient. So their batch modification is also indispensable. The simple tags and batch categories are the two most powerful ones in the bulk edit label and category plugin. So introduce them today!


Add and manage tags, bulk modify tags simple tags, batch management tags, smart tags, key tags, tag cloud, related posts.

The second Batch, bulk modify classification Categories 1.3.1 is in need of attention, Batch Categories 1.4 and WordPress 2.7.1 is not compatible.

So we are using the 1.3.1 version. We are still waiting for further updates of the plugin authors, 1.3.1 was enough, so it doesn’t matter.



Third, some notes on localhost answers a friend asked about the outside network can access the installation of WordPress is the answer: in General, not the 192.168.x.x so LAN IP can.

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 10 Plugin Recommended by Akismet with SEO

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 10 – Plugin Recommended

Akismet and SEO This video first introduces the use of one-click-plugin-updater to install the WordPress plug-in to pay attention to the place.

Mainly on the three essential plugin: Akismet All in One SEO Pack Google XML Sitemaps for search engine optimization, has actually a WordPress plugin, this is sufficient.


Our WordPress tutorial in the future may be a lot of content is built around the plug-in introduced and used to start, because WordPress plugin is the essence of WordPress.

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 11 How to modify the size of the text

How to Modify the Size of Text

Many of my friends in the use of a variety of WordPress themes have encountered how to modify the text size of the problem, because a lot of beautiful WordPress theme is designed abroad, directly to the Chinese put up some of the theme of the font size is not appropriate.

WordPress is free. Modify the title, text, link text size, of course, not to mention.

However, this requires you to know a little bit of CSS knowledge, this is the video to talk about things.
Originally intended to put this part of the contents of the late WordPress tutorial, but now because of the needs of everyone too strong, had to first put out.

If you temporarily can not grasp, it does not matter, the content of this course would have been more advanced some. Will be explained again later.

If you have time, you can learn to learn CSS, so Web design will begin, or you directly find a suitable, easy to use theme just fine.

First, on the introduction of CSS

Second, through the CSS to modify the WordPress title, text, link text size

Third, Firefox plug-in: Firebug to debug CSS styles