WordPress Theme Installation Error Solution

WordPress because of its powerful and rich Theme support won the praise of many users, as well as a lot of problems. Since many of the subject are third party developers so there will be some compatibility issues, even fatal mistakes, so we install the theme used to be the best now to test on your own machine, sure no problem after install to WordPress theme on your own space. But even so, we also have topics that you may encounter installation errors.

The most typical theme of the installation error is that the installation of the theme page after the first page shows a blank, this time the WordPress theme is generally wrong, resulting in the termination of the implementation process, this situation is generally can enter the background. The solution is to enter the WordPress background, you can replace a theme. Of course, there are very serious situation, not only after the installation of the theme page shows the first page blank, and the background can not enter. This time how to do it? Re-install WordPress, but re-install WordPress will empty the information in the database, for a running Web site, this does not work, then there is no other solution? The answer is yes, the problem lies in our theme, so to solve the problem or to start from the WordPress theme, first login space FTP, find WordPress installation root directory, enter the theme directory wp-content / themes, to install the last ones The theme of the problem folder to get rid of the name, and then you can enter the WordPress background.