How WordPress automatically link? WordPress in the chain?

The importance of building links within the site today, a group of friends asked me if there is no WordPress within the chain of plug-ins, are manually add too much trouble. Here for everyone to recommend an automatic within the chain of plug-ins: rejected-wp-keyword-link-rejected, although to search the Internet will be very easy to find, but also to make friends do not know more convenient, here I also made up .

This plug-in perfect support for Chinese and English keywords, for all WordPress Chinese users

  • Perfect support Chinese keyword links, respectively, to distinguish between English and Chinese words
  • Supports keyword bulk export and import (CSV file)
  • Fix garbled characters when editing keywords problem
  • Replace the keywords linked issues have been resolved. link already in the article will not be matched.
  • Fix conflict with WordPress Wiki plugin. (Updated 2009/06/06)
  • The finished part. (Updated 2009/06/07)
  • Fixed a BUG of the import and export of CSV. (Updated 2009/07/12)
Installation method:
  1. Download the plugin home page.
  2. After decompression upload it to WP-contnet/plugins/
  3. In the background enabled.


Here explain the usage, does not leave a message, I’ll try to answer. WordPress this is the term used for the example in this paper in the chain, I wrote “I love WordPress”, we can refer to.

This is an add keyword link plugin, based on your keywords and add links to automatically search for matching keywords in the article, plus links. Links to each keyword, provides some options, explained in detail as follows:

  • No Follow – link add one more attribute: rel=’no follow’, using the Nofollow attribute so that the search engines don’t crawl and follow the links.
  • First Match Only – just match the first keyword, recommends that the hook.
  • Links to New Window – together with the target=’_blank’ property, opens in a new window.
  • Ignore Case – not horse case, such as “Google” and “Google” and “gooGLE” will be matched to. English keyword is valid (not recommended)
  • Is affiliate – hook in chain, chain distinction, to add the following CSS styles here.
  • Matched Filter in comments – replace keywords in the comments section.
  • For zh_CN – check the supported keywords. On an English keyword is not recommended.
  • Each of the links with CSS styles, such as: <span class=’wp_keywordlink’> … </span>. You can add the following CSS to your blog’s CSS style sheet.

Was a distinction within the chain with the chain, chain of CSS <span class=’wp_keywordlink_affiliate’> … </span> you can change according to your needs.

Example style.css:

.wp_keywordlink { text-decoration: underline; }
.wp_keywordlink_affiliate { font-weight: bold; }

[Blue version] WPINK CMS Theme

This is the wordpress WPINK CMS theme of a new version of the [blue], the purpose is to meet more love cool tone theme of the user. WordPress CMS  theme


003455xNM 【蓝色版】WPINK CMS 主题

The admin interface

003543mn6 【蓝色版】WPINK CMS 主题

Theme features:

Added theme management page;
Added multiple article thumbnail generation (no longer using a complex custom field thumbnail; first, read the background to customize thumbnails [set], if not, read the article first picture as a thumbnail, and if none, default picture is displayed as a thumbnail. )
Added secondary menu functions;
Automatically generate a summary;
New Guestbook templates;
New link templates;
Set the background picture in the background;
Background set the Feed subscription address;
Set the FeedSky username in the background to show the number of subscriptions;
Set share bookmarks in the background;
Manage site advertising;
Built-in random articles;
Added WP calendar styles;
Optimize frequently comment plugin styles;
Fixed many compatibility issues;
Supports custom sidebar;
Supports nested responses (background “setting-the” open “allow nested layer x comments”);

Recommended plugin (already included in the theme pack):

WP-PostViews: single article hits plugin;
WP-PageNavi: WordPress page plugin.
WordPress Related Posts: related posts plug-in;

This is a premium themes, in order to avoid trouble, it is not available for download, to friends, a message I’ll sent to your mailbox. To do a demo site: to see the result. For the convenience of friends, latest download address: http://BBS.seozzz.NET/forum-78-1.html

WP-Cumulus to Achieve a Beautiful 3D Tag Cloud

I think this should be the most beautiful tag cloud effect. Cool WordPress tag cloud Flash+JS effect. Found it just as aimlessly browsing the links one by one so that they run here, originally, to have such a thing, is recommended. Specific results? See below. Of course, the picture performance is limited, at least in terms of results, you should look to the author’s page (link below):

1454495IZ wp cumulus实现漂亮的3D标签云

Or see the DEMO page of the author: You can see it in action here! | Download (DOWNLOAD): Download WP Cumulus

The specific use does not cost you a lot of time, basically a fool. This tag cloud supports widgets, and also supports calling PHP from the page. Looks good. Methods I briefly describe:

145451oDD wp cumulus实现漂亮的3D标签云

Widget Settings: There is one on the height, you can basically ignore, because it is not designed

145453xKg wp cumulus实现漂亮的3D标签云

Automatically apply settings may be too long or too short

If you’re thinking about SEO, that maybe this isn’t a good choice. Of course, in fact I believe that it has little impact, no one can stop you from each detail considered. In addition, FLASH and JS loading makes your blog speed decreased slightly, you would consider such an issue? Last one is Chinese support is not very good.

This plugin has a problem with the support for Chinese is not very good, direct installation is not to show labels, but can click with the mouse. This can be achieved by modifying the SWF file, files that have been modified is readily available online can be used. As long as the SWF file to overwrite the corresponding file in the plug-in can be.

Download address:

Chinese SWF files

WordPress Template: Chinese Blog AesRoom Theme

AesRoom theme perfect support menu customization, custom sidebar, in the background to be set at the same time, the site supports the home page and section related pages feature pictures show.

AesRoom theme built-in image delay loading, so that your small station access speed is no longer slow, while the dashboard to increase the theme settings panel, allowing you to set a key, no longer to modify the cumbersome code, the theme station, please remind, Of the time, what problems can be directly linked to the author


134721isq wordpress模板:中文博客AesRoom主题

WordPress Visual Editor Dean’s FCKEditor

Come today to show everyone a good thing … Oh, people who use WordPress know, it comes with that editor is rotten to the extreme, but says he’s good people, but are mostly masters of … Code, they have a very, very familiar with. this situation, I’d say, since with small size, set out into the wild, anyway, already familiar with the code, it does not matter …

But the issue is some, for many people, like me, are dishes … For your convenience, and you want to get better results … Or do you want the Word edit-like simple editor, adding a Visual you can switch in the code editor. … this time, Dean’s FCKEditor appeared … Is a very, very handsome … Although it looks a bit old, but published articles the same as are editing a WORD document …

Well, talk nonsense said … Now began to tell me how to install it …

  1. Download: Dean’s FCKEditor (you can keep the charge, click on download, ready for everyone!)
  2. Unpack, and upload the entire file to your/WP-content/plugins/directory.
  3. Enable the plugin in the background … can be simply enable … Almost no setup … Of course, if you want it, make him and your Home page to facilitate your layout, you can set where a change in the background.

This plugin will automatically replace the original TINY Editor, however, will not be deleted, as long as you disable the plugin … Where you can go back to the original … HA HA … Well ….