WordPress Theme: High imitation Lu Song Song blog fanglusongsong theme

52wordpress Today is a high imitation of Lu Song Song blog theme of WordPress, if you play a blog a long time, more understanding of the SEO people, you should know that the popularity of the more prosperous personal blog. But his blog is zblog, asp program produced, so many WordPress enthusiasts catch up. So there are today this high imitation of the work was born, the following is the author of the basic introduction to this theme.

Just change the style.css to complete the layout and style

Navigation bar from the background menu to complete, this feature is not to say, at the same time, also need to modify the theme directory / js / javascript.js $ float_right_num value, used to determine the right side of the small navigation. It should be noted that here is the use of float: right, that is in the background, you need to reverse the order of these navigation menu. I love WP to remind you to download their own try to clear.

Ads: top ads modify functions.php top_banner function, other parts you can add your own code to the theme.

I love WordPress to remind you that when writing articles, the theme of the article as the keywords of the label, at the same time through the custom section to increase the keywords name, fill in the keyword; description will be filled with the summary, if not fill in summary, you can also use custom Add description as the name of the column to fill in the description, if this does not, will intercept the beginning of the article 200 words as a web page description.