Google Analytics for WordPress Google Statistics Plugin

The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin automatically tracks from within the log links, links within comments, Blogroll links to external trends. And providing to track Google Adsense clicks, add extra search engines, track image search queries and so on.

In the Settings panel of the plug-in, you can customize prefixes based on different outbound links.

Installation method:
  1. Remove all existing gapp directories from / wp-content / plugins /
  2. Upload GAPP folder to/WP-content/plugins/directory;
  3. Enable this plugin in the plugin management;
  4. Set the relevant parameters in the Control Panel, add a Google Analytics account.

Access to Analytics Account ID: log in Google Analytics, and add a new Web site, completing after the Google Analytics code. Find “UA-1111111-1 ″ code that is needed to set the Analytics Account ID.

Plugin homepage/download


WordPress and Microblogging Integration

What is Microbloggin? Literally about micro-blog, similar to a blog sharing, dissemination and access to information exchange platform, the first number of Tweets to Twitter, and now the well-known domestic microblogging rising star Sina microblogging, Tencent microblogging and NetEase microblogging , You may have settled in their home, or in one or two of them hung up the Menlian.
Microblogging is a good thing, one word can forward N times, relay of love, bonding, to vent dissatisfaction (but I do not agree with this, personal point of view, do not similar), mobile phone text message to port, microblogging, how nice! You see something, take a photo, clockwork or sent to the port in the mobile terminal, the whole world to share with you.

Today I introduce to you how to microblogging content integrated into our blog, the existing microblogging plug-in may be suitable for you, WP Microblogs plug-in can display the latest micro-Bo in WordPress, currently supports Sina microblogging, Tencent Microblogging, Twitter, Netease microblogging, Sohu microblogging, etc., more importantly, is very suitable for novice to use, just enter the user name to display microblogging.

WordPress official download:

As to the use of methods, Google yourself, are not described in this and wants everyone to be happy with micro-blogging.

WordPress Plug-in Introduction -Robots Meta Plug-in to Add Page Meta Information

Well-written page meta has a great effect on SEO, Robots Meta plug-in is to enhance WordPress meta structure, so it is more conducive to search engines, so as to bring more traffic to the site.

Plugin features:

Prevent Indexing (prevention index)
  • This site’s search result pages: preventing search engine index search page
  • The login and register pages: login and registration pages
  • All admin pages: all administration pages
  • Subpages of the homepage: preventing search engine indexed pages
  • Author archives: author archive
  • Date-based archives: date archive
  • Category Archives: Category Archive
  • Tag archives: Tag archives
  • Add NOARCHIVE meta tag: Add noarchiive meta tags
DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory (DMOZ and Yahoo directory)
    • Add noodp meta robots tag: Add noodp tag
    • Add noydir meta robots tag: Add the noydir tag
Permalink Settings (Permalink settings)
  • Enforce a trailing slash on all category and tag URL’s: trailing slashes are mandatory on all categories and tag URL
  • Redirect attachment URL’s to parent post URL: annex to redirect the URL to the previous Web site.
Archive Settings (archiving settings)
  • Disable the author archives: disabling author archives
  • Disable the date-based archives: disable the date archive
  • Redirect search results pages when referrer is external: redirect search results page
Internal nofollow settings (internal nofollow is set)
  • Nofollow category listings on pages on pages: nofollow list of categories
  • Nofollow category listings on single posts: nofollow article page classification list
  • Nofollow outbound links on the FrontPage: nofollow of outbound links
  • Nofollow login and registration links: Nofollow login and registration links
  • Nofollow comments links: Nofollow comments link
  • Replace the Meta Widget with a nofollowed one: Replace the nofollow gadget

Correct use the Rebots-Meta plugin to enhance SEO WordPress site. If you are interested in SEO, then you can try to use this plugin, I believe will bring you a surprise


How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress Data Analysis

Powerful website data analysis can be said to be essential for any successful site a key factor. Analytics traffic is the best way to understand your visitors, and Analytics is arguably the best free web analytics tool. In this article, I will analyze with you where Google Analytics is powerful, and teach you how to install Google Analytics in WordPress blog.

The importance of Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can track:

Who visits your site

This data includes the visitor’s location, which browser visitors use to access your site, and more, such as screen resolution, JavaScript support, Flash support, language, and more.

These data are very useful and can help you in multiple ways: for example, in a custom design, you can use the data to make sure your site is compatible with audiences. If the majority of users do not support Flash, then you should try to avoid using Flash elements. If most of the users screen resolution is 1280, you should ensure that your design is compatible with it.

What do visitors do on your Web site

You can track users who stay on the website, how long they stayed on your site, bounce rate, through the analysis of this information, you can decrease bounce rate increase the depth of the page views.

When they visit your site

By observing the peak hour of day traffic on your site, you can pick the best time to publish an article. If you hit the time zone difference, you can use the timer function to avoid schedule conflicts.

Where they arrive to your site

This part of the analysis of the data will inform you where user came from your site: search engines, direct links or referral links to other sites. It displays the percentage each source of visitors. Google analytics also have a more detailed analysis of these categories. Take for instance the search engines, it will tell you which search engine to get the most traffic, Google, Yahoo or Microsoft’s Bing. It also displays the user’s most frequently used search terms that can help you improve your keyword rankings. Site referral links of cooperation this section also tells you which sites work best. Assumptions get referrals up to on Twitter, then you really need to spend some time on Twitter, providing some good content for Twitter audiences, allowing users to feel that they have been particularly entertaining. If you get more traffic from external sites, you might consider working with that site a partnership (link exchange).

How they interact with your site

With Google Analytics, you can see how users interact with your site’s content. It displays the percentage of links on the site that users clicked on, and so on. By observing the user’s interaction, you can work on the content based on user interest to do some improvement.

Through the analysis of the above questions, you can focus on strategy that fits your website, good policy would not have to spend too much energy.

Sign up for Google Analytics

With all that said, you may want to ask how to use Google data analysis tools? First of all, you need to access Google Analytics registration page and sign up for a Google Analytics account.

After entering the registration page, you will see a page as shown in the figure below, if you already have a Gmail account, you can use the mailbox account registration, no friend to sign up for a Google account.

After registering with the mailbox account, you will see something like the figure below, where you can sign up for Google Analytics.

Then enter your site information, the contents of the form are very clear, enter your website URL address, account name (any account) country and time zone.

The fourth step, you need to enter contact information.

The fifth step, agreed to the terms of service agreement.

The sixth step, you will need to paste in your site’s code. This is the most critical part of the registered, copy and paste this code into Notepad or the HTML editor, and do not close this window.

How to install WordPress Google Analytics

There are three ways to install Google analytics in WordPress: paste the code directly, modify the functions.php file and the plugin.

Paste code directly

Copy the code from step 6 directly and paste it in front of the theme footer.php file </ body> tag.

Modify Functions.php

Add the following code to the theme functions.php file, and do not forget to paste the Google Analytics code obtained in step 6 above.

add_action('wp_footer', 'add_googleanalytics');
function add_googleanalytics() { ?>
// 在这里粘贴第六步获得的代码
<?php } ?>

There are many plug-ins can be achieved in the site by adding Google Analytics data analysis tools, I recommend the following two:

Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk
Google Analyticator by Ronald Heft

After completing the installation of Google Analytics, you can return to the sixth step of the page, click Save to complete. Then you will go to your site data analysis page.

You will find below the status bar there is a yellow exclamation mark, this is something Google has not recognized that you’ve added Google Analytics on your site, needs 12-24 Google probably would provide the data analysis report.

I think Google Analytics tools are essential to every blog, if you want to do the analysis of your blog traffic, so take action right now.

On Application Plug-in Dagon Design Sitemap

This is a personal favorite site map plugin, my blog not only install the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator also installed two other sitemap plugin: Google XML Sitemaps, and Baidu Sitemap Generator, as we all know, the previously mentioned two site map plugin is meant to allow the spider to crawl, the former is the generated XML map, maps of the latter is to generate static pages with the latest articles. I don’t feel very satisfied, until the case of Dagon Design Sitemap Generator.

First, the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator Description:

It can display articles by categories, pages by level, multi-language version, support for Chinese, you can customize the number of management, publishing list style, you can also integrate Google XML Sitemap in the same page display, and so very flexible.

Second, download and install:

  1. Download Dagon Design Sitemap Generator, WordPress official plug-in (3.15), if you need the latest version can be downloaded to the author’s Web site has been updated to 3.17.
  2. Upload the extracted WP-content/plugins/directory
  3. Visit the WordPress blog background, in the list of installed plugins enabled Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugin
  4. Found in the WordPress blog background Setup Panel set up under DDsitemapGEN.
  5. The settings will be the first, the plug-in language selection for the SimplifiedChinese and update the settings, set the language to Chinese after more convenient.
  6. Create a new page, the name can be customized, I use the Sitemap, enter the Html editing status in the content to write on


<!– ddsitemapgen –>

Release (note that angle brackets and spaces).

Demo: http://www.52wordpress.NET/Sitemap

Use the entire plug-in is very simple, the operation is easy, it is the essential tool for WordPress bloggers. Also, the point is after the map is generated within the page will leave a link to the author’s Web site, if you respect the author’s share the spirit, let it keep it.


Akismet (Automatic Kismet) Spam Filtering System

Akismet (Automatic Kismet) is one of the widely used spam filtering system, the author is famous WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Akismet is also WordPress plugins installed by default, which is widely used, design goals is to help to filter mail spam blog site. Once you have Akismet, basically don’t worry about spam troubles. Most WordPress blogger are using Akismet can be used for multiple blog platforms, not just WordPress, including MovableType, PixelPost can also be used. Its work mechanism simple to said is, enabled Akismet Hou, dang blog again received message, and pingback or trackback Hou, its will automatically will its submitted to Akismet and and Akismet Shang of blacklist for than on, if ranked the blacklist in the, is the article message or trackback not released, certainly, for avoid miscalculation, these information does not will immediately was delete, but temporarily save down to stay blog managers for further of artificial judge, Generally this period is 15 days, that is, within 15 days of the blog administrator can restore it, once this term will be deleted. For slip through are not identified by Akismet, when you blog manager marked it as Spam, Akismet will also be updated on the server side, and is about to add relevant content to Akismet’s blacklist, that is to say, the blacklist is maintained jointly by the General blog.

Install Akismet

The default WordPress download will have the Akismet plugin, so you do not need to download install Akismet, but it you must go to the WordPress website to register an account, get the API Key from WordPress website. Then enter this key into the plugin options available if you install Akismet plug-in for WordPress Mu, you can edit the Akismet plug-in, plug-ins define a constant named WPCOM_API_KEY and assign it the value of the key, and then activate the plugin can.

Automatic offers two different versions of Akismet, a personal version, we use now is that everyone can have a free trial, and a commercial version, it is for those who make $500 from their blog or business customers, commercial version has a better service, and there is no limit.

WordPress SEO Plugin All In One SEO Pack Super PRO Crack Version

All In One SEO has been using this WordPress plug-ins, strongly recommend that you use. Simple operation, great help to SEO Optimization blog. Jeriff Cheng recently recommended me the All In One SEO Pack PRO crack version, at first thought not to be used,  but was later successfully tested by the local re-uploaded to the site and work properly. RP big explosion ah!

With All In One SEO Pack PRO, you can easily set up WordPress Home page or article keywords (keywords) tags, description (description), label, or even you can set WordPress background summary for description, categories and articles tagged as a keyword, which is very convenient.

All In One SEO is now being widely used WordPress SEO plugin has been updated to support, it is worth, at least not like some WordPress plugins a year will no longer be updated. But the current free version of All In One SEO Pack has stopped updating, soft rock blog has always been used in the free version, it is perfect. Lazy people like me, All In One SEO Pack is definitely one of the WordPress plugins.




Now use All In One SEO Pack PRO more cool, you know $39.00 is the official quote! After you install the All In One SEO Pack PRO, through code view is the latest version 1.72. This screenshot also shows the use of the All In One SEO Pack PRO crack version can be used normally.

All In One SEO Pack PRO and free version, what is the difference?

  1. Free version would have stopped the upgrade, this major version upgrades for latest version, more stable and more professional;
  2. Free version with ad content, professional version of the interface without any advertising;
  3. Support custom classification
  4. Version update, enhanced features such as tips
The above distinction, I think the first two are the most important.

All In One SEO Pack PRO

Home Title: Blog title, such as “soft coal mine – 工欲善其事, its prerequisite!”;
Home Description: Description for your blog, such as the “mining products software artifact studying marvelous! Soft rock blog to share, mutual assistance and exchanges for the purpose of sharing software, WordPress, cool sites, design and SEO knowledge and other free resources.”;
Home Keywords: keywords for your blog, not most, such as soft mine blog keyword is “free software, wordpress,SEO,photoshop, antivirus, Android,Office,Google,Windows 7, firewall, wallpaper download, creative design, free fonts, making money online”;
Canonical URLs: authority links, recommended, avoid duplication of memory
Rewrite Titles: the title override, this is a must. Like a soft mineral titles are unified to override for the title + blog name

Below the default is good, such as the screenshot:

Use Categories for META keywords: the classification of the directory name as a keyword tag, it is recommended to select;
Use Tags for META keywords: the articles tagged as keyword tags, recommended, so fill out the article tag when the article keywords do not have at the end of each article, All In One SEO Pack PRO panels set key;
Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page: article pages to dynamically generate keywords, you can select;
Use noindex for Categories: category page does not crawl, recommended to select;
Use noindex for Archives: archive page does not crawl, recommended to select;
Use noindex for Tag Archives: tag page does not crawl, recommended to select;
Autogenerate Descriptions: automatically generated description, you can select, but when you write summary, it is best to write an overview of writing; can not be selected, the other extract some of the more refined text as a description; (personal comparison lazy, here I selected)
Capitalize Category Titles: classification title case, recommended, this had little effect;

Exclude Pages and the Additional Post Headers, and Additional Page Headers and Additional Home Headers is the personalization of the page, if you need to, you can look at.

Previously, according to my own settings under a brief introduction to the All In One SEO Pack PRO settings, relatively simple settings, but the basic to complete the WordPress blog in the link, keyword, description and other aspects of optimization.

Warning: Already in use All In One SEO Pack free version of children’s shoes, please disable the original version, and then install All In One SEO Pack PRO crack version, otherwise there may be errors. At the same time, before installation, be sure to make a backup part of the contents of the plug-in, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the accident.