WordPress Theme: Cloud Age Gray Theme

Recently to see the cloud era WordPress Theme Greey theme, looks very good, good things to share it, like to take it with it, quack … …


52wordpress greey 1 theme


Theme Features
  1. Theme supports 3.1.X versions of WordPress
  2. The theme is no longer compatible with IE6.0, IE6.0 under the display may be different, I have not tested under IE6.0! Let IE6 see God!
  3. The theme is a two-column style
  4. Theme supports three menus, namely navigation bar menu, TAG tag call menu, footer call menu, need to set their own.
  5. The right reader wall for the month commentary statistics show the monthly re-ranking.
  6. Comments on the right side of the theme does not display the blog comment by default, you need to see the blog page in the article page comments.
  7. The bottom of the site links for the whole station.
  8. Right there are three ad slots, the default display Firefox and IE browser public service ads.
  9. The bottom of the article content by default one ad slot.
  10. Ratings need the Ratings plug-in to work with.
  11. Article statistics need to be used in conjunction with the PostView plug-in.
  12. Paging navigation requires the WP-PageNavi paging plug-in.
  13. If you have questions please give me a message, thank you for your support!
  14. The theme supports automatically capturing images within the article as thumbnails, with a thumbnail size of 140X100 pixels.
Greey Theme 2.5 Update
  1. Optimize Article Page ul li List Style Font Size
  2. Optimize comments nested
  3. Optimize the article list background image
  4. Optimize article lists
  5. Optimize the article page title
  6. Optimize image page size scaling
  7. Optimize comments on the right
  8. Optimize the list on the right
  9. Update link for home page display
  10. Updating the right reader wall displays the home page
  11. Fix article page BUG
  12. Repair Navigation Displays BUG
  13. Repair IE6 shows BUG, compatible with IE6 completely no problem

52wordpress greey 2.5 theme


YunSD Menubar for the Home navigation bar menu settings;
TAG Menubar for TGA navigation menu settings;
Footer-menu for footer bottom menu settings;

【First page 6 grid image call】

When publishing articles, in the custom column, add the field is hot, the value can be called hot!
To publish the article – → Add a custom section – → enter the field name hot- → enter the value of hot- → Finally click to add custom section

【Plug-in support】

WP-PostViews The number of statistic views must be
WP-PostRatings score plugin must be
WP-PageNavi Page navigation must be
No related articles Plug-ins installed as needed

【Page call】

Tag-cloud.php tag cloud
Links.php Friendly connection
Wall.php reader wall
Page.php About, links, etc. General page

【Version support】

Support wordpress 3.x.x version