WordPress Article Pagination Plugin-Free Method

Toss WordPress article pagination issue these days, find a lot of plug-ins and methods but eventually failed, and after a few attempts combining the two methods, finally the reality of the WordPress article paging problem.

The first step, find the WP-includes–>js–>quicktags.dev.js text lookup code: then remove comments before and after the/**/.

The second step, add the following code to your single.php <?php the_content ();? > function later in the appropriate location
<?Php wp_link_pages (array (‘before’ => ‘ <div>, ‘ ‘after’ => ‘ </div>, ‘ ‘next_or_number’ => ‘next’, ‘previouspagelink’ => “‘nextpagelink’ => ‘ read on &raquo;’));? >
<?Php link_pages (‘ <div> <span> article page </span> ‘, ‘ </div> ‘, ‘number’);? >
So far have been able to implement paging results, in pseudo static situation is OK. But if you’re a perfectionist, so please continue to read,

If you want to often use the words suggest that you follow the tips below, in the editor with tabbed button.

First find the WP-includes–>js–>quicktags.js text. This code is found in the text:


In the insert this code:

edButtons[edButtons.length]=new edButton(“ed_netx”,”page”,””,””,”p”,-1);

Find in the text:


In the insert this code:

j.Buttons[j.Buttons.length]=new edButton(a+”_netx”,”page”,””,””,”t”,-1);

Save the above file, and then in WP-admin–>includes–>post.php, found in the text:


Insert after:



How to Speak Chinese WordPress Templates

Good WordPress templates are derived from overseas, so we use templates that are basically in English, today will teach hands-on, the use of the template translated into Chinese, to continue WordPress localization!

Today we took the WordPress default template as an example.

First of all introduce the basic WordPress template files:
  1. style.css : CSS (style sheet) file
  2. index.php : home page template
  3. archive.php : Archive / Category template
  4. 404.php : Not Found Error Page Template
  5. comments.php : Message / Reply Template
  6. footer.php : Footer template
  7. header.php : Header template
  8. sidebar.php : sidebar template
  9. page.php : content page (Page) template
  10. single.php : Content page (Post) template
  11. searchform.php : Search form templates
  12. search.php : search results template

These template files will be called, so these documents should be part of the show, are translated into Chinese.

The header.php in the default template homepage is not needed for translation. We mainly translate the content section, the sidebar section and the footer section, and now we start the translation.

Translation of the index.php file:

111036130 怎样动手汉化WordPress模板

Need to translate part of the picture, I’ve marked respectively.

Using Editplus open: index.php and copy the “Read the rest of this entry”, “index.php” in the search, you will find this line of code:

<code><?php the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry &raquo;’); ?></code>

Replace <? Php the_content ( ‘Read the rest of this entry & raquo;’);?> With “Read the full text”.

Two, and then search for “Tags” will search for two “Tags”, based on the above experience, you need to modify “Tags” in the brackets “Tags”. Replaced with “label”.

Third, a search for “Posted in” changed to “released”.

Fourth, search for “Comments” will search for 3 “Comments”, and another “Comment” is skipped, you need to modify the two brackets and S, and one without the S, modified to “comment”.

At this point, the picture needs to be translated in places, we have finished the translation, but when you log more than quantity when you show up on a page, go to the second page, which is in the Home logging a hyperlink below to see this: Older Entries, show log on the last page will see the hyperlink below: Newer Entries. In the middle of the page, colleagues can see these two hyperlinks, translated into Chinese is the “earlier log” and “newer log.”

And then save the file, code: UFT-8, overwrite the original index.php, results came out.

The sidebar (sidebar.php) translation:

Save resources. Translation has also been marked accordingly.

Using Editplus open sidebar.php, searching for “Pages” instead of “page”. About the need to modify the background – management – page management, the About changed to “on” on it, after the new page will also be displayed here, remember that the title will use the Chinese on it.

Search “Archives”, modify the “<h2> Archives </ h2>” this, modified to “archive.”

Search for “Categories”, changed to “blog category”.

Search for “Blogroll”, and transformed into a “blogroll”.

Search for “Meta”, changed to “manage”.

“Site Admin” shows the status of the landing, if not landing, the show is “Log in”, not landing in the state, “Log out” is invisible. Their translation needs to design. Po language pack, we will talk later.

Footer (footer.php) translation:

The footer of the default template is fairly simple and does not need to be translated.


I believe that everyone has understood, translation of template is very easy, you can try it yourself, when the translation template, needs to pay attention to two aspects: first, displayed in the English version of the code in the correct location, and second, find the appropriate corresponding to Chinese.

Other pages, I won’t list them all translated, interested friends can try your own translation. If you encounter any problems during the process of translation, please leave a message.

WordPress Chinese Theme: Super Movie IDY Theme

A specially designed for movie site WordPress theme in Chinese, because there is no demonstration site, we will try to use the online demonstration picture, if you need detailed information on the subject I suggest you download the theme, WordPress theme pack in Chinese with some on the theme of Home, page description and described in great detail. Why is a theme specially made for movie website, we can see the Home a movie picture for each article, and its difference and the General blog different and that more names, directors, stars, types, do believe the plot classification. Show is entirely in accordance with the movie mode to users.

Site amusing ads, this WordPress theme in Chinese set aside a reasonable amount of advertising, hard to do a website that can get some harvest. WordPress theme with a color cloud tag is very beautiful, rolling evaluation a reasonable thumbnails to enrich the site. Movie site friends please do not miss.

042935t2v wordpress中文主题:超级电影idy主题


I Love WordPress Q & A System Question2Answer to Make Chinese URL More Concise

If pseudo-static is enabled, the Question2Answer will use such a URL structure for the problem link

/123/why-do-birds-sing, as shown in Figure:

2 我爱WordPress问答系统的Question2Answer让中文URL更简洁

This URL structure in English is SEO-friendly, can be a very good index, but if you are using the Chinese version, this time the URL will become like this

/123/why is the kind of

Encoding is a string:
/1/%E5%8D%9A%E4%B8%BB%E7%9A%84wordpress%E4%B8%BB%E9%A2%98%E4%B8%8D%E9%94%99%E5%95%8A%EF%BC%8C%E4%B8%8D%E7%9F%A5%E9%81%93%E6%9C%89%E6%B2%A1%E6%9C%89%E6%8F%90%E4%BE%9B% E5%85%8D%E8%B4%B9%E4%B8%8B%E8%BD%BD

This English URL in browsers such as chrome is in unencoded form, but in IE it will display the encoded URL. Although Baidu now also includes URL in Chinese, but one problem is that this URL is too long, is not conducive to inclusion. So we have to Hack it, then let Question2Answer supports the following URL, but out of which the Chinese title:


This will be more brief, more conducive to the search engines.

This modified URL is very simple, open the QA-include/QA-base.php, find this function qa_path $requestparts=explode (‘/’, $request);) This line for Question2Answer 1.52 at 1109 line.

Then add the following:

if (is_numeric($requestparts[0])) {

OK, Question2Answer becomes what we want it to be.

4 I love WordPress QA Question2Answer Chinese URL cleaner


WordPress Theme: Super Abook texture theme

WordPress theme full called Abook, topic names, we can see that this is a and books related to the subject. Because there is no demo site all pictures we can only interpret this WordPress theme is a theme of charges, from a design point of view are gorgeous beautiful. Because the picture shrunk or visually better.

Abook topic has the following features:

1. unlimited AJAX page flip effects + preload, backstage (SEO, ads, feature setting), a custom background.

2.WordPress to download and test the support template, contact mail form, archive, message board, and readers wall and other powerful features.

3.WordPress themes unique AJAX message/message/AJAX paging unlimited nesting/blogger highlights/comments to bring the formatting toolbar

4. perfect fit into a Home automatic thumbnail feature, your blog is not monotonous, so we slowly to taste.

WordPress theme: Super Abook texture theme

0636347iT wordpress主题:超质感Abook主题

For the following tkebo friends to download said first page thumbnail can not be displayed correctly

Abook1 wordpress主题:超质感Abook主题

52wordpress just available, and the local test a bit, is not displayed, modify the link code to OK, and modify the re-upload, as long as the re-download will be able to solve. Local test screenshots are as follows:

Abook2 wordpress主题:超质感Abook主题

WordPress Theme: Taobao DJtao Topics

WordPress themes provided today is a golden theme into a Taobao theme. Open the address we feel familiar with the topic, WP themes familiar to people who will think this is a waterfall flow modification to Taobao’s classic themes. This glittering Taobao WordPress theme DJtao1.0 by the waterfalls flow layout, incisively played by web2.0 style, WordPress theme to remind you this theme is currently in public beta version, user feedback you want to use some of the suggestions, reflecting to the point of network.

WordPress theme into a submission features, SEO functions in the background, logo upload the theme options, code integration, SEO and footer settings, and so on. This theme is also dominated by pictures, believe that Taobao’s friends will love it.

0603243Yg wordpress主题:淘宝客DJtao主题


WordPress How to Control the Length of the Article Title

In WordPress, we use

1 <?php the_title(); ?>

To output the article title, there is a function associated with it:

1 <?php get_the_title(); ?>

Simple talk about the relationship between the two, get_the_title () return value is a string (the title of the article), the_title () is the value after the string echo output.

Actually WordPress when your output article title was simplified, the direct use of

1 <?php the_title(); ?>

Instead of the

1 <?php echo get_the_title(); ?>

In addition to this there is also need to use another function:

 1 mb_strimwidth(string str, int start, int width, 
   [string trimmarker], [string encoding]);
 3 mb_strimwidth() truncates string str to specified width. 
   It returns truncated string.
 5 If trimmarker is set, trimmarker is appended to return value.
 7 start is start position offset. Number of characters from the 
   beginning of string. (First character is 0)
 9 trimmarker is string that is added to the end of string when 
   string is truncated.
11 encoding is character encoding. If it is omitted, internal 
   encoding is used.

Most PHP servers now support MB library (mbstring library is Multi-Byte String that is the full name of each language has its own code,  their bytes are not the same, currently PHP internal encoding only supports ISO-8859-*, EUC-JP, UTF-8 other coding languages can’t display correctly on a PHP program. Solution is resolved through PHP mbstring function library), so we can rest assured that the use of this function is used to control the string length:

1 <?php echo mb_strimwidth(get_the_title(), 0, 38, '...'); ?>

Then we only need to use this function to replace the original WordPress

1 <?php the_title(); ?>

You can, here I output the string 0 to 38, depending on the theme you can set that value addition excess length part of the use of “…” Instead.

In fact, when I control the summary of the article is also used in this function, such as my theme in the D & Z Theme Pro CP home page is used

1 <?php echo mb_strimwidth(strip_tags(apply_filters('the_content', 
  $post->post_content)), 0, 470,"......"); ?>

Summary of the output of 470 characters in length, and filter out HTML tags.

Although this is a very simple way, but I believe it is quite useful for theme authors.

WordPress Themes Download: Taobao Mall or Ebuy Theme

Today’s WordPress theme available for download is a mall theme, especially for people doing Taobao. Strictly speaking this is an English theme and has now been Chinese localization, all set in the background and more convenient to use. Taobao is a product showcase WordPress theme.
When we are in the seller’s online store with Amazon, Taobao or any other market, you can list the pages that are directed to the third-party market for sale. Ebuy is not exactly an e-commerce theme, it does not depend on any e-commerce plug-ins. This theme allows you to have simple and elegant display for your products. Theme is through the background of the custom type, classification, custom menus, metaboxes, jQuery sliders and other components, from which you can choose to use this theme, as a product display or blog and other functions. The theme of his personal blog to set a little more complex, WordPress theme download we can see the theme of the package installation instructions, hope to have a very good help.


0707260Ii wordpress主题下载:商城或淘宝客Ebuy主题


WordPress Shop Theme: High Imitation Taobao Shop Taoke-Dot Topics

I love wordpress Taobao is a wordpress theme, because this theme and other Taobao theme is not the same, it is an imitation to Taobao Mall, before the site released his two mall Amoy theme. The design is very realistic and very beautiful, but although recognized by many users, the only downside is that the wordpress theme is not used, you need to download and install their own wordpress to debug.

Theme is pink feminine theme, it also determines the theme of the industry, such as cosmetics, ladies clothes and so on, like Taobao friend WordPress theme download.


070716Jxi wordpress网店主题:高仿淘宝店铺taoke dot主题


How to Manually Upgrade WordPress Graphics Tutorial

52wordpress automatic updates in the background always makes a mistake, so I manually upgrade WordPress. Note: be sure to back up data before upgrade, in order to avoid data loss during upgrade.

Upgrading WordPress – following five steps:

  1. Back up your WordPress data, in particular, for security reasons.
  2. Download the latest version of WordPress, you can of course go to the WordPress website to download. (Note that here the latest version is WordPress 3.4.1)
  3. Delete the WP-includes and WP-admin directories on the host.
  4. Unzip the WordPress folder on your local computer in addition to the WP-content directory upload and overwrite all of the files to the location that corresponds to your blog host. When it encounters an overwrite, select all the cover it wants.
  5. Run http: // your blog address / wp-admin/upgrade.php, perform the upgrade..

Well, according to the above methods, to ensure complete success manually upgrade WordPress