WordPress Theme: Magic Forest Mohuan Theme

Magic forest theme and we usually see the theme of the difference is that the design and texture, the continuation of the foreign design of the “Fan”, open the demo address, we can appreciate the gorgeous and beautiful navigation. The simple simplicity-oriented template, functionality is not reduced.

Perfect WordPress theme support for HTML5.0, and passed W3C certification, Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional! certification. This is the subject of the delicate and visible.

WordPress themes blog image navigation is very simple to do, using an English word, a small fresh feeling. If you use this theme to add a richer picture, I believe that the Visual impact would be better. Sidebars and other features are not introduced and about other basic blogs.

065846ueP wordpress主题:魔幻森林mohuan主题


WordPress Template: Simple Chinese DL1.0 Topics

WordPress templates do not require any plug-in, the home page default call each article picture shows thumbnails for each post. Green refreshing personal blog theme is used in weight-class, plants and other personal blog and SEO blog. Favorite friends try it.

Installation steps:
  1. Download WordPress templates uploaded to themes folder
  2. Modify the logo, you can replace logo.PNG file FTP upload
  3. Web site article category is the default menu, you can add the header.php file and hands-on in the background.

0648254pa wordpress模板:简洁中文DL1.0主题


WordPress Theme: Chinese Blog Spage Theme

Today’s theme is a pure blog theme. Pure blog to explain here to you, first demonstration in the pictures you can see the theme of only 2, a total of 10KB of the picture, there is no thumbnail, is entirely text of the blog. To access speed and SEO,

it is gratifying that such a blog is often enough to do typesetting and we see the WordPress theme station to bring this theme is completely different, although the layout is simple but there is texture And structure. I believe that will do a lot of friends like to do SEO.

WordPress  theme compression package is only 40kb but the function is not simple, custom navigation menu, custom sidebar, background and pager navigation, theme LOGO size: 260X100 background color: # E7E8E9 you can design your own LOGO and will be placed in the images directory. Pure DIV + CSS production believe that knowledgeable friends will like, I love WP did not find author demonstration site, so can only view the demo picture.


111947xXr wordpress主题:中文博客Spage主题


WordPress Theme: Mobile Version of Mobilepack Theme

Robin made a mobile version of the compact and elegant WordPress themes (mobile devices, such as cell phones, etc) all know Robin’s first CMS Apple theme got all WP users correspondence and recognition, usage is amazing. The Apple 5 was released at the same time he also published a compact Mobile Edition theme, is the icing on the cake for all mobile phone fans crazy. The mobile version of WordPress themes, blog specifically for a mobile phone or mobile device, Smartphone users after a surge in domestic. After the authors present the theme perfect support, every day mobile UC browser, browser, everyday browsers, Firefox browser, Baidu browser, 360 browser, and so on. Topics Ajax unlimited loading of articles, gadgets are not supported.

WordPress Mobile Theme Plugin: WPMS Mobile Edition is required to use this WordPress Theme for Mobile WordPress. First upload the theme, then install the WPMS Mobile Edition plug-in. When using the mobile browser to view the blog will automatically switch to the Mobile theme pack. Please note that the plug-in without setting is enabled, do not follow the prompts to upgrade plugin support topics: Carrington Mobile, this theme is very classic, if you like you can also use the theme, but will cover Mobile theme pack after the upgrade, please be sure to pay attention to this point. Finally thanks to Robin for sharing to this WordPress theme, believe that his followers will always support him.

111517FZW wordpress主题:移动版Mobilepack主题


WordPress Theme: Green Spring – NewGavin Theme

Newgavin theme need to pay attention to several issues:

Create avatar avatar cache folder to the WordPress program root directory, that is, with the WP-content folder at the same level directory, otherwise the comments section will be prompted to error. When opening a theme for the first time, it may be slow to open the page for the first time because it is normal to download the avatar cache from the Gravatar website to the local server. Linux host please avatar folder permissions to 777, or may not be able to load pictures.

Install the plug-in: WP-postviews-plus or WP-PostViews, if you only use this plug-in to count the number of articles read, this topic 2 can be used

  1. LOGO sure to change the friends
  2. Does not support the IE core browser (theme produced when not), good support for Google and FF.
  3. The avatar uploaded to the blog root (important!)
  4. Support multi-level menu, the page not too much, otherwise it may dislocation.
  5. Another theme set in the background settings only display, because the use of weisay too lazy to change, do not like can be deleted.
  6. The key question: This is the theme of imitation Zww Gavin, although the kernel and so are not the same, but the imitation to imitate.

Other small details of the modification too lazy to say, and explore their own, the use of WP pro who should understand the matter.


Loper1.3 theme sliding unlock repair method

As a result of this theme, was hacked, leading to a considerable part of the current market is the theme of piracy, as far as I know, the existence of a bug pests Loper theme, Sliding unlock can not be used normally, this Loper theme is also a feature, the use of sliding unlock to determine whether the robot message, it is personalized to say.

I also like this theme, but also very friendly for SEO. Then I talk about the solution to this bug bar, create a file Qaptcha.jquery.php, extract to the wp-content directory.

The Qaptcha.jquery.php code looks like this:

$aResponse['error'] = false;
$_SESSION['iQaptcha'] = false;	
	if(htmlentities($_POST['action'], ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8') == 'qaptcha')
		$_SESSION['iQaptcha'] = true;
			echo json_encode($aResponse);
			$aResponse['error'] = true;
			echo json_encode($aResponse);
		$aResponse['error'] = true;
		echo json_encode($aResponse);
	$aResponse['error'] = true;
	echo json_encode($aResponse);

There is a bug is that the theme installed in the secondary directory also need to modify a file, find the program wp-content / themes / loper1.2 / qaptcha / jquery / QapTcha.jquery.js modify the first 56 lines of code:

action : 'qaptcha'

change into:

action : 'qaptcha'

Well, basically you can completely solve the problem of sliding unlock, and convenient for everyone.

WordPress Theme: Hummingbird Fastblog Theme

If you are a WordPress user who believes in the hummingbird blog and this topic, first of all we would like to thank the authors for sharing this topic. Most salient feature of this theme is that there are 12 styles to choose from, sidebar gadget also offers a theme skinning tool, users can go to the author’s Web site experience this powerful feature. Because of the design style, so the pictures under the directory more pictures, there are more than 3 million WordPress download station package.

Logo set in the background – theme settings – header – LOGO text or image path, enter the text LOGO or picture LOGO link. The woo-tumblog plug-in supports the Fastblog theme for faster publishing of audio, video, links, and references. And you can set the image video size, audio, real-time playback, and the title outside the link. Please download: woo-tumblog plugin. Four page templates: the default template, classified archives templates, contact information templates, full-page templates, links to the template. Topic no SEO settings, it is recommended to download WordPress related plug-in solution, or search the web-related SEO code. The theme is also integrated into the ad slot, in the background can be found and replace the link address.

105052YGu wordpress主题:蜂鸟fastblog主题


WordPress CMS Theme: Small Portal Lovnvns4.0 Theme

WordPress CMS theme lovnvns new 4.0 was released, and have big changes compared to previous versions, especially for new friends with the simpler settings, all operation is on the background and there is no need to modify the code. The theme has 2 modes, one is the blog form, one is WordPress CMS theme form. To select according to their needs to choose the specific update and the theme configuration are packaged in the theme, download and extract the theme can be seen. As a WordPress site, using less plug-in, the better and you can provide Web site access speeds. The following 3 excellent plug-in are recommended to use with this WordPress CMS theme.

  1. WP-PostViews, used in statistical publishing articles
  2. jQuery Colorbox, album page slideshow
  3. Baidu Sitemap Generator, used to generate a Google map and a site-map file

103432JjJ wordpress cms主题:小型门户lovnvns4.0主题


Fat horse modified version of the theme pzima_srtec add qq tag method in the site header

No matter what the blog theme can be in the head of the site to join this small label, I called it qq notes it. She can easily headmaster into qq group number or chat mode and so on. And very beautiful. I put it last night after get off work. Today, I write about my work. (Ps: I do e-commerce, my head has been taught me ps technology, but my technology is called a rotten ah. To see my blog artist to know today to be a logo on the three letters even from the morning to do Now. Need to work), although the computer every day online but I write a blog time is very small. Nnd, even soon to eat at noon. Well, first so be it. After eating a sleep sleep beauty feel again on the tutorial. The effect can be seen at the top of my blog.

050050yD5 胖子马修改版pzima srtec主题在网站头部添加qq标签方法

Before pzima_srtec theme did not join the qq tag, only after 8.22, so before downloading my theme as long as you download the latest version of the theme on it.

Fat horse modified version of pzima_srtec theme

If you do not want to download the latest theme or use other topics also want to join the qq label. So ok. The following tutorial is absolutely right for you.

Add the method is very simple, just add a few paragraphs on the line. But the trouble is constantly changing css test tone, and so very slow. If you are aware of your theme’s css file then it is very simple.

In fact, the reason for this change is: 1, in the header file to add the previous section of the code. 2, in the CSS file to add landscaping effect. 3, in the js file to add special effects code. On the line. So need to modify three files. Unfortunately, my blog does not have the code highlighting plugin. Inserting the code is inconvenient. I made the tutorial word, which is written in detail there are icons. Follow the steps to add the code on it.


WordPress CMS Theme Cool Blue Theme Version HCMS

Actually there are children’s shoes says pcms theme color make it very calm, some say black atmosphere. Although difficult to reach, but personal opinion is more atmospheric black indeed that in order to meet more people’s taste, here, then release a blue version.

Compared to the black version, blue version does not modify any thematic document, just to make changes in the CSS, if you have a favorite Take go.


112000oOi wordpress cms主题 蓝色清爽版Pcms主题