WordPress CMS Theme: Chinese Original Chinese CMS Themes

I love WP bring a WordPress CMS theme, which is very good layout and structure, can be used for small-scale portal site. Currently we released version 1.1 version is the latest version of the free plug-in pure site, which can provide good efficiency and speed of access to the site. After the author’s test WordPress CMS theme has been perfectly compatible with IE6, IE8, Firefox, Google and other browsers, other browsers please self-test, is believed to be no problem.

Advertising design WordPress CMS theme is very much in place, are very eye-catching and easy to be the viewer clicks, first navigation above and below the substantial long ad, along with traditional advertising right. Body background color is gray-black, and natural atmosphere.


1040275PJ wordpress cms主题:国人原创中文PCMS主题


WordPress Themes: A-SuperCms 3.0

A-SuperCms is a simple and elegant, feature-rich integrated original two-column WordPress theme. Theme integration JQuery and thumbnails, custom menus, custom backgrounds, custom SEO keywords, Lightbox, nested comments, comment comes face, AJAX reviews, comments wall, share button with thumbnails random articles, related articles , hunting articles plug-in, popular articles, built-in paging, since a number of useful features WP defined statistical background theme options, effectively reducing the use of plug-ins.

Author: Jeff studio

Category: 2-column

Version: 3.0


  1. Rich set options relating to the background;
  2. Site menu supports two custom menu;
  3. Home Integrated JQuery slide;
  4. Waterfall display style;
  5. theme supports featured image;
  6. Support hidden wordpress theme version number function;
  7. Integration with Avatar Comment lists;
  8. Integrated article thumbnail call and determine whether the article has integrated picture function;
  9. Sidebar with thumbnails Random article;
  10. Custom Background;
  11. The background setting statistical code;
  12. The background setting Home description and key words;
  13. Default Feedsky, Twitter, Sina Weibo subscribe button;
  14. Integrated sidebar Popular articles per month;
  15. Integrating comment wall plug;
  16. Integrated Lightbox plug;
  17. Integrated pagination plugin;
  18. Integrated comments ajax no refresh comment function;
  19. Integrated Reviews expression;
  20. Integrated Baidu Share button;
  21. Integration related articles;
  22. Related Posts Plugin integrated in hunting;
  23. The integrated picture outside the chain function to automatically generate thumbnails;
  24. Integrated JQuery;
  25. A more detailed rich experience not going to describe.


WordPress Theme: Chinese small fresh minione topic

I love WP bring a new small fresh personal blog. Open your home, we can see a very clean and fresh interface, a screen used by the authors of an article, intervening with beautiful pictures. Very innovative layout is particularly suitable to play personalized friends use. In the top of the homepage is a picture image, of course, you can be used as advertising space.

If you choose this theme, WordPress theme download edit the header.php file yourself to modify keywords and descriptions on their own. Specific installation methods and steps you can view the topic in the help documentation package, plug-ins and more convenient to their needs to decide, anyway, does not require any plug-ins to run properly.

WordPress Theme: Personal Concise Topic Axi

Axi theme is a simple and clean personal blog theme, like the clean, simple and generous love for life in earnest to write a blog friends can choose. Intuitively, this topic is very simple honest, I think the biggest feature is the head of each article and the date of classification, used to distinguish between blue and green, and the background using the small gray plaid, more eye-catching.

According to this theme WordPress theme station is understood that a lot has been upgraded version, is currently the latest version, and network compatible with the latest WordPress  latest major browsers, without any garbage brought inside, opened fast, especially for use with SEO’s blog.

WordPress Theme: Soda Soutar finished freemium theme

Soutar soda for everyone to bring a foreign Chinese theme. Know foreign theme is not only beautiful interface, powerful, there is a larger theme, this is precisely our hair is only 100 KB, very small, but does not affect the appearance.

WordPress  theme that I hit the green + black color, navigation on the left is the log to the right of the button is a social, easy reprint and communication. The layout is based on the central image-based 3 columns, each article is configured with thumbnail images. WordPress  download this theme, the point to note is the need to modify the header.php file personal information on their own.


113413NIS wordpress主题:苏打苏塔汉化freemium主题


WordPress CMS Theme: ConcisePro 1.0

Topic update records:

2012-4 relating to the start in the development stage

2012-4-28 theme is open and available for download version 1.0 and prepared using the Help topics related articles

2012-5-10 increase the authors table of contents page

2012-5-10 amend copyright notice at the author links

2012-6-20 theme 1.1 release, available for download and use donor manner, the reason will not go into details, see

2012-7-5 theme 1.1.4 release, fixes theme bug, increase short code, templates and other functions contributor

2012-7-6 theme 1.1.5 release, online customer service repair browser style bug, publishing title translation function

2012-7-14 theme 1.2 official release, increase tag cloud, tag list and other small tools, increase their contributions to the code in the article, and recommend the best theme Match

133615g4m wordpress cms主题:ConcisePro 1.0


WordPress Business Theme: Chinese theme mall bellissima

Bring today it is a business WordPress theme is compatible with the mall elements. First of all that personal views, foreign themes with color and plate design is perfect, particularly new and innovative, but it is blindly domestic high imitation is no real progress.

Open your address first is designed to combine the search box navigation, plus special eye-catching orange, the following is super nice slide show effect in the middle of the site is the picture display bar. The theme is suitable for business station or shopping mall. Friendly reminder here, not recommended for novice friends to use, WordPress theme business background configuration is very beautiful, but also requires a certain basic skills.


010931TPQ wordpress企业主题:汉化商城bellissima主题


WordPress Theme: Theme Topic

Bloggers English Andy, this theme named ATheme on the name implies it. ATheme style is gray two-column blog type theme, fresh, the atmosphere! Topic supports adaptive screen width. ATheme compatible IE6 except all major browsers, viewed as follows: Chrome = Safari = Firefox> IE9> Opera≈IE8> IE7 (also your own specific detection).

To avoid unexpected problems, disable all plug-ins!

 1. Download extract upload:

Download at andyshare.com domain ATheme theme package, extract the two folders are ATheme and avatar. ATheme folder uploaded to the site under the “wp-content / themes /” directory; avatar folder uploaded to the site root directory (wp-content folder with the same directory). Finally, to turn back to ATheme theme!

2. It is recommended to install plug-ins:

① WP-PostViews (for statistics article views)

② Google XML Sitemaps (for generating Google Maps)

③ Baidu Sitemap Generator (for generating Baidu map)

ATheme thematic focus Suggest a feature

① support adaptive screen width (CSS of @media)

② labels, paging buttons, links and other links to the respiratory effects (CSS3 achieve, so I do not support CSS3 browsers no such effect)

③ short code integration, support for download style, music player, video playback

④ integrated theme bulletin boards, support 3 announcement carousel, the background can be set to open and close

⑤ sidebar 125 * 125 lattice advertising × 4, the background can customize advertising links

⑥ Support for syntax highlighting search results

ATheme theme background set

When enabled topic, the first thing to do is to set the background-related options to match their habits!

① logo replacement, should open the image logo, then we all need to make a 100 * 40 pixel image, named logo.png upload theme folder replaces the default logo images

Add ② ad slot, ATheme set up a total of four large advertising, are top of the article, at the bottom of the article, the sidebar Sidebar 1 and 2, 2 sidebar ad that is mentioned above lattice 125 * 125 bits, a total of four identical small advertising. Plaid shoes need to set up ad, you first need to produce their own collection or 125 * 125 pixel image, named 125ads-1.png, 125ads-2.png, 125ads-3.png, 125ads-4.png (eg do not all set up ad, you can replace only one) to upload images to the theme folder, overwriting the original default image, and then finally set advertising site, fill out the appropriate ad url and you’re done!

ATheme known theme inadequate

① not compatible with IE6 (this is not going to solve, had completely abandoned IE6)

② does not support two, or even three drop-down navigation menu (this should be solved)

③ article does not support multiple forms (this late in the process of continuous improvement will consider adding)

ATheme theme Supplement

① respect the fruits of labor, do not remove the bottom of the “Theme By Andy” copyright information, thank you ~

② on the built-in camera obscura image effects and after use to add pictures, pictures need to link to the original image, that is, in a coat and then the img tag in order to achieve a label image camera obscura

③ on the front label personalized icons, shoes must be careful discovered Andy love to share the front portion of the tag blog is an icon, and ATheme theme built this feature, but did not add the icon for achieve this effect, the individual needs according to the actual situation PS integrate your blog icon (custom icon under the label ID, tag ID to the background, the paper – label – find the appropriate tab, click to see his ID), the icon to be displayed into a picture and name tags.png, upload images to a topic folder and then need to go back to edit style.css, find .tag-link-, add the appropriate tag ID (such as .tag-link-1) and image position can be!

④ Display in error, please delete topic comments-ajax.php, and comments-ajax2.php name replaced by comments-ajax.php comment