WordPress Theme: Arklow people Speaking topic

I love WordPress bring Chinese people a very simple theme, the theme of foreign know very well, a lot of foreign domestic theme applied to die, is not compatible with Chinese characters, that is, after the addition of Visual effects greatly reduced, so to find a good theme to go abroad, looking at modification will be perfect. And today we bring this WordPress theme does not exist compatible characters and aesthetic issues. You can take a look at the demo site, in considering whether to use this Chinese theme.

To remind you, because this WordPress theme is relatively simple, so the author not finished the background, but does not affect the use, the theme supports the latest WP version, and network mainstream browsers. It is very similar to do personal blog thank their feelings and logs, using the theme Keep On copyright!

WordPress Topic: Speaking of charge Channelpro topic

I love to release a premium WordPress theme English abroad, but now we have to change Chinese people renamed called free theme, we understand. This theme more popular in foreign countries, the domestic finished after also very popular, a lot of children’s shoes have been released out of the use of this excellent theme.

Theme uses large thumbnails and slide effect effect, give strong visual impact at the top of the site, we can see that there are two navigation, the different classification of information, more clarity, and very few reserved slots, make money online to their friends to play it.

WordPress theme station theme Features Description:
  1. Use a theme now more popular drop-down menu navigation
  2. For all versions of WordPress currently 3.0 and above are compatible
  3. Gravatar Ready
  4. Localization ready
  5. Cross-browser compatibility perfect for all current major browsers
  6. WordPress theme background advertising management rationalization, there are special sections management
  7. Text / Image Logo switching function is very powerful
  8. Custom page template lets you more information in the first reality
  9. Built-in support for Feedburner details and humane
  10. The analysis / statistical management for SEO is a good choice
  11. WordPress subject station has a custom component lets you adjust yourself in the sidebar
  12. Fully Widgeted sidebar, huh perfect support


014741PqD wordpress主题:汉化收费channelpro主题


WordPress Picture Theme: Journalcrunch Speaking topics

WordPress themes and pictures to meet you, and this is an outstanding foreign metamorphosis picture theme, the theme does not support before, IE6 and later, after the author for revision, now fully compatible with major browsers: 360 secure browser, Firefox, Google, IE6.7.8. 9, etc., at the same time compatible with the latest version of WordPress theme version.

The main theme Fixes:
  1. Streamline the code, the original theme has a lot of redundant code, such as twitter message read, with plenty of temporary speed has been optimized.
  2. Compatible ie6, which is the main content of the toss, WordPress  picture theme currently perfectly compatible.
  3. Re-Chinese language background, pre-finished two not humane, currently very good.
  4. The details also made other small changes, more suitable for people to use.

This nice WordPress theme can be used for pictures, photography, photo show, or do Taobao customers is also very good choice, many of my friends a message that the site can not be the subject of much use, explain here, the site is the author downloaded all topics packaging, did not make any changes, because some of the themes set up complex, is willing to be setup problems, it is recommended that novice to use simple theme


015629HcJ wordpress图片主题:journalcrunch汉化主题


loper1.3 theme sidebar latest article title truncated length

Thanks Mountain ineffective submission, so I love WP will retain the original contributors for their links to websites, and also welcomes more friends to contribute.

Mountain ineffective (shanbuling.com) with loper1.3 topic I made a personal blog, amended in September 2012 on the No. 1 line at: http: //www.shanbuling.com/, welcome onlookers. Today I talk about the process of modifying loper1.3 theme sidebar latest article title length:

First look at the screenshots default situation is this:

105534sj7 loper1.3主题侧边栏最新文章标题长度的截断

Which accounts for two fields, to have it for this column, so the overall look better, not working through the mountains to find the theme code, finally found, so share it out, help children’s shoes detours. First find the theme functions / loperwidget.php, open as shown by DW:

The <?? Php the_title ();> this code, amended as follows:; save in Figure <php echo mb_strimwidth (get_the_title (), 0, 38, ‘…’)??>:

Home to look at:

Now normally, if you have any questions, please leave a message. Mountain ineffective Original article link: http: //www.shanbuling.com/79.html


WordPress Topic: Speaking of theme channel

Providing a foreign Speaking WordPress theme fully supports the revised Speaking Chinese, showing the effect is very good, the next photo evidence. Modify the author of this theme of love fresh website has been revised, so the following topics demonstrate unable to show you, after the metamorphosis modify this theme has been modified named Mychannel, the main color theme with a classic red and white with a nice, need use of related plug-ins have been packaged into a theme file in, self-extracted WordPress theme download, the head has a navigation bar, you can add more information.

Here is a basic introduction to this topic.
  1. WordPress theme magazine form, nice, very prominent display of results
  2. Integrated automatic generation of image thumbnails functionality, better visual effects Home
  3. Thematic aside a good top 468 * 60 and the upper right slot 300 * 250, the suitable alliance, image can be a direct replacement after
  4. WordPress download and install the theme, you will find support at the bottom of the sidebar and widget, you can drag any of the relevant module, convenient and practical.
  5. Home head slide effect is so beautiful theme, more dynamic, so this theme can also be used as a WordPress picture theme.
  6. Integration Cloud label font color, comments with an integrated picture show


011229KmE wordpress主题:汉化channel主题


WordPress Business Bheme: Devster Speaking topics

Released a Chinese version of WordPress companies relating to Devster themes, classic black and white colors, the theme is very atmospheric. Chinese people have been modified so much easier compared to the background operation, please rest assured use. Thank authors to share, at the same time suggest that you do not use the time of copyright information removed, at least respect. The theme for some of the Web to sell network software, application software is a good choice, here are the basic features of this theme.

  1. WordPress theme with black and white, cool classic tradition, good visual effects.
  2. Devster Home Slideshow classic theme, as a business theme, the product display is the most important sales channels.
  3. Enterprise support WordPress3.0 relating to all of the above versions of WordPress business theme.
  4. Navigation Support drop-down menu at the bottom of the same into the traditional three templates.
  5. WordPress companies relating to support IE, travel, 360, Firefox, Google, and other mainstream browsers.

Instructions and common problems encountered have been organized into word document package to the subject, the convenience of our users download!


0132306qd wordpress企业主题:Devster汉化主题


WordPress Business Theme: People finished OverALL topic

Chinese business people to launch a WordPress theme OverALL. Before introducing this theme, you can go to the demo site to see the effect. Foreign theme is very powerful, it has now been finished people, so a reduction of the use of a lot of trouble, pictures and presentation address is the English version, but download the theme is finished off ease of use. This is also a theme of the actual charges abroad, and slide down menu showing the effect is very beautiful.

1. WordPress companies relating to slide home the most important effect of the integrated image and text at the same time the effect of rotation, large size, the visual effect is very good. 3 plate of traditional enterprise

2. The theme of the second column of the same with the Photo Gallery feature, breaking the traditional text-only display of results.

3. Use a theme with blue and black, bold hues, but domestic enterprises to use this color WordPress theme or less.  Please keep the original author copyright information

4. Use, according to the future needs of the users of the site to ensure that a future release relating to business, I hope you continue to focus on.


013753YV6 wordpress企业主题:国人汉化OverALL主题


WordPress theme: Chinese couple LoversGarden topic

Came out a beautiful WordPress CMS theme (Couple theme), the rapid development of the Internet in this society, we will find that girls play games, do networks do SEO and do more and more personal blog, not the so-called sex, regardless of the level, I believe the future there will be more girls to participate in the blog WordPress theme among.

This WordPress theme was originally asp version, later revised by the author studies became the php WordPress CMS theme, the author of this sentence very well: two fell in love in heaven edge, and ultimately, the growth of the tree of love of love watered, Ta and beloved together to build belongs to you both love the garden, so you love the tree grow. Like romance, like lovers together a network of friends poured belongs to you home network love it.


024401paP wordpress主题:中文情侣LoversGarden主题

WordPress Plugin: Custom user registration page widget

If your WordPress development background registration, it may encounter a problem, then send email problem. The purpose of user registration Email send him Email password is to verify the validity of user input, but if your host does not support sending Email, then other people can not be registered in your WordPress site. Before there are many tutorials to teach you how to solve this problem, the solution is to modify the WordPress source files, allowing users to post direct registration to show him the password, rather than send him Email, this problem is solved, but each WordPress upgrade, , again modified to upgrade the speed WordPress is now enough you can stand!

Now I wrote a WordPress plug-in, sign-up form by changing the background, allowing users to fill out the registration on their own password, do not receive the password to the Email, administrators do not have to worry about the impact after WordPress upgrades, while the plug-in allows users to choose him You need to register user role. Specific demonstration below:

register2 WordPress插件:自定义用户注册页面插件


Download plug-in archive, unzip uploaded to the WordPress plugin directory, / wp-content / plugins /, activate the plugin to WordPress backend Ludou Custom User Register can, your registration form has been back on the map as the same. The WordPress plugin only for single-site, multi-site capabilities open the plug-in is not valid.

This paragraph for the 1.0 version valid – >> If you are a “plug-in control”, always want to control the number of plug-ins within a certain range, but they need to plug-in function, then open ludou-custom-register.php with a text editor the inside php code can be copied to functions.php theme directory, the functions are exactly the same (now you should wake up to the so-called “free plug-in implementation function **” and “pure code ** function “, in fact, plug-in).

This plug-in allows users to choose when registering their role, optional subscription and contributors, if you do not want to choose the identity of user registration, version 1.0 with a text editor to open ludou-custom-register.php, delete 97–104 row , 116–117 lines and 124 lines of code; version 2.0 remove 91–99 lines 134-135 lines and 143 lines.

Version 2.0 adds a verification code function, and enhance the registration of anti-malware function. If you do not need this feature, you can open with a text editor ludou-custom-register.php, delete 100–110 lines 120-127 lines, and the entire captcha folder.

2.0.1 version can refer to version 2.0 code to be modified or deleted.

update record

Version 1.0 March 25, 2011
* The first version

Version 2.0 April 25, 2011
* After removing the first landing registration is required to modify the default password prompt
* Added verification code function, enhance the ability of anti-malware Register
* Improved some HTML code

Version 2.0.1 May 24, 2011
* In addition to the registration of malicious SESSION test function, because there is already a License
* Improved some HTML and PHP code
* Add some code comments

2.0.3 version June 25, 2012
* Version 2.0.1 without verification codes and select the user roles
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