Implementation of WordPress Blog Display Site Execution Efficiency Code

This implementation of WordPress blog shows the efficiency of the site code is seen in the sky group blog, I think very interesting to try to reprint, you can see my site at the bottom the website efficiency: 1.136 seconds query the database 45 times “, Currently only tested on WordPress blog, I do not know about the trial on other sites, we welcome the enthusiastic test, what we do not understand in the message, now posted out in the code.

1 Website efficiency: <?php timer_stop (4),? > seconds query the <?php 
  echo get_num_queries ();? > database

Add this code to the WordPress theme template in the source file, follow these steps:

  1. Enter WordPress background, select: Appearance > Edit > Bottom (footer.php) or other bloggers like places, garbage station code will be added to the site at the bottom of the right side of the copyright position.
  2. Add good, click on the update file, enter the blog Home page refresh, add the code in your blog where you will find website performance! Specific effects can refer to the bottom of the garbage station blog!


WordPress Sales Link to Hide the Plugin Link Hopper

About how to hide the sales link, for different websites, we will take a different approach to solve this problem, but in the face of more and more content of the site, we will consider how to achieve maximum automation or simplicity, This WordPress sales link hidden plug-in Link Hopper can do this.

Installation method:

Direct plug-in installation in the background search “Link Hopper” installation can be activated.

140614seQ WordPress销售链接隐藏插件Link Hopper

The use of the more simple, as shown above to set a point to the directory, such as “go”, in front of the specific link in front of the set name is behind the link, set up after the test can also be so simple . The most important thing is that if the sales link changes only need to be modified here once to get, without having to modify the article.

WordPress rich plug-ins bring convenience to use at the same time on the space or the server caused a serious burden, so many people are more sensitive to the use of plug-ins, in fact, for the general site is not a big problem, of course, have to be specific circumstances to make judgments according to their own website.

Here to share two methods that do not use plug-ins to achieve the sales link hidden:

1. 301 redirect using htaccess files function link to jump

Redirect 301 /articles.html

Add this code to the root directory of the site under the htaccess file, in front of the site is to be displayed on their website in the form of the back is to hide the real sales links;

2. PHP files 301 redirect function

1 <?php
2 header('Location:', true, 301);
3 exit;
4 ?>


WordPress Theme: Google G+ Topics

This is an imitation of Google+ WordPress template, is currently the latest version V0.3. Website Home articles using the jQuery.ajax to load. Using this theme note friends that you need to modify several places before they can perfect the use of this theme.

If you need the top navigation buttons, create two pages: “Category Archive” template fixed link for “category”, “tag cloud” fixed link template as “tags”; if not, remove the 100-105 line in header.php.

Modified google_s.php 24th 013557516232846743203:kupcvje9nzw to your Google CSE search code.

WordPress template pages.PNG in the images directory are used by jQuery.ajax invalid navigation images, you need to modify, modify the 1417-1435 line in style.CSS.

Modify the all.js 49th line, the file path to your website.

Please change analytics.js to your Google statistics code.

Please modify the title.php, keywords.php, description.php for your SEO-related information.

Modify the single.php lines 30-37 in your Google ad code.

Modify the functions.php di30-67 for your email notification messages.

Please modify footer.php line 9 for your Baidu sitemap address.

Please remove the statistic-related code from footer.php in the wordpress template.

Please modify the sponsorship link on line 50 of single.php.

Please replace avatar.gif and avatar_small.gif with your avatar.

141258atg wordpress主题:谷歌G+主题


WordPress Waterfall Theme: Egg Flower Theme Download

The WordPress workflow templates described the waterfall:
This waterfall flows from the egg flower theme, very popular and beautiful, the authors said in the WordPress Chinese forums should be released and now achieved its promise! Presumably everyone liked it!

danhuaer wordpress瀑布流主题:蛋花儿主题下载


Theme features:
  1. Total station support waterfall flow display effect, Adaptive width, compatible with all browsers, including IE6, egg flower theme authors are welcome you to test and feedback problem;
  2. Support for html5 + CSS3 effect, browsing in Chrome or IE9 better;
  3. The theme of the whole station search engine optimization has been optimized, you can now customize the article Meta information;
  4. The theme of the navigation drop down menus and places such as the share button delay display to prevent tampering;
  5. To prevent memory overflow, limit the number of pages loaded waterfall, to a certain number of pages after the tips page;
  6. The theme of the waterfall has been fully optimized html, JS, CSS, to enhance the page response speed;
  7. WordPress theme comments support Ajax publishing and paging;
  8. The author has optimized the sidebar “tag cloud” style, while integrating classification + label, you can open directly through the widget.

The above is the theme of the waterfall brief, a better experience and functionality to achieve the actual installation you have to use, in general, the theme of this waterfall is really beautiful, very personal like!

WordPress Tags Advanced Usage and its Relation with SEO

Using WordPress  to build friends, label is all too familiar. The use of labels also have their own views, mainly concentrated in two points: one is inclined to shield, and the other is not shielded. Tend to shield with the number of articles is the reason for the label will be more and more, resulting in the site to be bloated; unshielded reason is that the tag is conducive to search engines. I believe that this tag should not be shielded, WordPress as one of the largest blog program, has its natural beauty. The author made a list and commentary on popular usage and provides an advanced usage, and users to share.

First, fancy tag cloud

Remember many years ago, when not using WordPress, seen a lot of Netizen’s blog, a tag cloud in sidebar, some kind of dynamic clouds. I use the CMS system, and looking to achieve the same functionality without ending, then I know was using WordPress, and a tag cloud plugin. It now appears that this is nothing. This float features, in fact, is a flashy features, for users, more important is access speed, for the general case of slow speed to load the user’s patience is limited.

Second, practical popular tags

In the website navigation below, if there is a popular label, will undoubtedly make users feel that the site of a professional. Previously using the CMS system, the background of the website provides the input of popular tags. This label is clearly fake, not necessarily really popular. The use of WordPress tag, you can really achieve the popular label. As you increase the number of articles, the label will change. In particular, some do with WordPress CMS site, it seems to have become a standard.

Third, obsolete tags keywords function

Once, when website meta tags (only consider the keywords and description) are essential to SEO. But after the big update of Baidu, which increasingly weakens the role of the key words. We can see the Baidu its products such as Baidu knows, Baidu Encyclopedia, etc., almost can not see the keyword settings, suggesting that identification of the key words for the search engines is an optional extra. While the search engine out to determine the key to the page that can be done from the analysis of the content of the page itself. in fact WordPress itself does not actually set the keyword. Using labels to do keyword is not necessary.

Fourth, using tags to enhance the user experience

Obviously, WordPress users will wonder, then how do I use the label in the end? I want to say is to use labels to enhancing the user experience of the site. We have a guidance, a website has its main keywords, assuming that there are three main keywords in our website, then derived from the three keywords may have hundreds of long tail keywords. The publish articles or product should use these long tail keywords and use labels to organize these keywords, the right location on our website that directs the user to access, then users quickly find the information they need. I think this is the role of the label. At least that way, your users will not get lost in your site.

Fifth, the advanced use of labels

Tags are used to organize Web content, how to organize content? that requires a certain amount of skill. I went through several examples below illustrate.

Example 1: use tags to set up navigation.

Background assumptions: there is a Web site, Chinese poetry, this involves, author of the dynasty, some will require doing lettering. Although we can do with the classification of the dynasty, but the authors can’t do with classification, because it is too much. And only 26 letters can be made into categories, this category too big. So these are not good solution for classification, then how?

Solution is as follows:

Now we enter a Li Bai’s “look Lushan Waterfall,” this poem, we can enter this label: W, Tang, Li Bai, seven words. Then add the following code to the funtion.php file:

 1 add_action('admin_menu', array('DJpluginsOptions', 'add'));
 3 function get_tag_link_by_slug($tag_slug) {
 5 $tag=get_term_by( 'slug', $tag_slug, 'post_tag' );
 7 if ($tag) return get_tag_link($tag->term_id);
 9 return 0;
11 }

The function of this function is to obtain the label of the link, then you can do in the template the following references:

1 <a href="[?php echo get_tag_link_by_slug('标签名'); ?>">标签名</a>

At this point, we can make the navigation we need.

Example 2: Label the project.

Background assumptions: We now have to do a product class enterprise website, for a product, related to price, size, color, material, details and other information. Although these can be added to the editor, but the problem is that these information can not be put forward alone. Therefore, we can only need another way, such as the details on the editor, while the other on the label. These tags need to design multiple input boxes to facilitate the call.

The solution is as follows:

Add some code to the funtion.php file:

 1 function create_my_taxonomies() {
 3 register_taxonomy('price', 'post', array(
 5 'hierarchical' => false, 'label' => '价格',
 7 'query_var' => true, 'rewrite' => true));
 9 }
11 add_action('init', 'create_my_taxonomies', 0);}

Here only “price”, for example, other analogy. Add the above code, WordPress background there will be “price” input box, release the product only in the “price” input box to enter the price. And then the appropriate location in the template input code can be achieved we need to function:

1 <?php echo get_the_term_list($post->ID, '价格', '价格: ', ', ', '');

Label use far more than that, I just played a valuable role. More advanced usage remains to be discovered. And hope that users share the spirit of sharing it out.

This article is the original article, the author blog gold point network, welcome to reprint, but please keep the link, thank you!



WordPress CMS Theme: Small Fresh WordPress Theme u142

The WordPress CMS Template Description:

A clean WordPress CMS theme, the theme is to upgrade the original meiwenxinshang theme. Home of irregular layout, personal favorite, this style is a reference of clean production.

u142 wordpress theme wordpress cms主题:wordpress小清新主题u142

Current special features are as follows:
  1. Themes integration of blog and CMS styles, switching option theme setting a background check;
  2. Themes are now integrated widgets, sidebar and Home CMS is available, position can be adjusted at random;
  3. A sidebar gadget can be divided into “Home”, “classification”, “page” and “pages” or “other” custom displays, gadgets with articles articles or categories ID filled in;
  4. Theme can set the ad code statistics codes;
  5. Theme sets the background options, whether for display Home slides and characteristic diagrams and sticky at the same time you want to use the slide show, slide chart size is 300px*200px;
  6.  The article thumbnail 200px * 160px, cms the first column of the thumbnail size 200px * 160px, the second column 195px * 195px, the third column 275px * 350px, the fourth column 80px * 80px, fifth column 155px * 100px, sidebar 125px * 110px, 90px * 60px
  7. Can be seen above, the template shows the irregular also exist too many thumbnail size, which will cause the thumbnail problem, topic article is for character map settings, automatic cut to different sizes of display, this set features in the article edits for the original size of the picture;
  8. Themes can also use custom fields to display the thumbnail, methods, determines a custom column, if there is no judgment there is no set character map, if there is no character map, then direct interception of the first picture show, if the article has no images, displayed as a picture.
  9. Display thumbnails, individuals prefer to use custom fields, like using custom column 200px*160px,CMS column of the featured article thumbnail thumbnail sizes 200px*160px, 155px*100px v bar, sidebar, 125px*110px,90px*60px, and related articles in the article thumbnail size;
  10. 10, custom column Thumbnail1 column 195px*195px, fourth column 80px*80px size, usually using 195px*195px;
  11. 11, since corresponds to define columns thumbnail2 275px*350px the third bar of the third bar graph;

6~11 said some of the complex, but using custom column does have the problem, it is recommended that everyone using character map is ready.
Generally speaking, topics most used tools, using friends please view the topics under the background of setting options, and small tools. Just notice that two themes are simple operations.


WordPress Theme: Chinese Blog Bluewave Theme

I love WP released a very nice WordPress theme, this is a fresh blue, blue natural atmosphere of the blog theme. To talk about this topic in the first place the background match perfectly. Gray cloth woven on the white background visual experience of nature on place de la Concorde. In the sidebar and Home page background is the little white squares. Head image using the sky blue hues, this theme is perfect for a personal blog.

Method of use:
  1. Top right corner feed subscription address. Modify header.php in the theme folder, modify or delete a feed code description in the document.
  2. Payment link at the bottom of the page, modify the footer.php theme folder, delete the payment link, the file has instructions.
  3. Theme support website ICO to upload your favicon.ico to your WordPress root directory


0742113qh wordpress主题:中文博客bluewave主题


Chinese Theme WordPress: Win7 Style Se7en Theme

Imitation Windows 7 official site a WordPress theme in Chinese style. Packaged theme contains several folders besides theme, m alone to move a folder, plugins are plugins folder, smilies are the expressions folder and so on. Like to download Win7 friends try it, simple and easy to understand.

WordPress theme in Chinese Se7en installation methods:
  1. Will upload the plugin in the plugins folder to/WP-content/plugins/directory
  2. Upload the se7en folder to the / wp-content / themes / directory
  3. Login WordPress background, enable Se7en at the theme page, and enables package plugins
Mobile installation:
  1. Will be uploaded to the WordPress/m folders root directory
  2. Modify the m-functions.php file line 2, to their mobile version of the domain name

Install Windows Live Wave 4 for WordPress Emoji:
Replace the smilies folder with the / wp-includes / images / smilies directory.

070433dHx wordpress中文主题:win7风格se7en主题


WordPress Theme: Gred Personal Blog Theme

Author Tiotip (light rain) sharing a WordPress theme. This is a very clean text blog, open access very quickly, particularly suitable for personal blogs and SEO blogs. The navigation menu width is recommended not to exceed 650px. If there are too many menu items, it is recommended to add it to the top right or set to the second submenu in the background. The theme does not use any plug-ins to normal access.

WordPress theme logo in the images folder, download the production of a logo of the same size can be directly covered. Microblogging present at sidebar only support Sina microblogging,if there are individual playing with Tencent weibo’s friends can give me a message for the corresponding Tencent microblogging logo.

064158pdH wordpress主题:个人博客Gred主题


WordPress Blog: Simple Chinese MS-White Topics

A simple white WordPress niche blog topics from the road MS-White, the interface is simple and elegant. Thumbnail image automatically gets a picture of each article, if the article has no pictures, then it will automatically call the default thumbnail image in the theme. Article page navigation is automatically generated, and no plug-in is required to achieve so access will be faster. Talk about SEO, automatically generate keywords and description for each post, website optimization is not a problem. In the theme package we also packaged the theme of the description and use.

mswhite wordpress博客:中文简洁ms white主题