Taobao WordPress Theme: CMS Amoy Taoke Topics

This is Hui Hui network turned to of a paragraph Taobao guest theme, is Hui Hui of first paragraph Amoy guest theme, currently view domestic do Amoy guest of too more has, Amoy guest die version in website also is flood, because large of garbage station, and part template of abuse, Baidu has big bulk k Amoy railway station, so regardless of you is do Amoy guest also is do what, selected a a good of template is based, website also have heart of original articles is way. WordPress themes download please keep the copyright information.

Back to this topic, WordPress themes can be seen after the download to show the main picture, so that visitors experience the visual impact, no other complicated code and procedures. Want to set up a template and QQ online consultation only need to fill in the backstage on it. Promotional items and recommended product settings, here to fill in the home page to display the name of the commodity category, the classification of goods in the home page to thumbnail display.


065009OSV wordpress淘宝客主题:CMS淘客taoke主题


WordPress Theme: Responsive Layouts Uades Theme


Launch a new responsive Web design WordPress theme, tested fully supported browsers on the network, but IE6 no longer testing and support. From the author blog we can understand the response using HTML5 structure, head fixed at the top (with closed); random scrolling display article focus map; random background image; article with head, with thumbnails (non-plug-in). WordPress theme feature is very powerful background can also be very beautiful custom, this is the traditional and the largest visual difference between blog.

At the same time this WordPress support two directory menu, WordPress theme home page to support the top of the scroll picture news, the perfect support gadgets, article browsing statistics, support background perfect settings, WordPress theme function that has satisfied WP fans. Continue to focus on the author blog, I believe there will be a new version of the update concerning it.


025122S5X wordpress主题:响应式布局Uades主题


WordPress Theme: Featuring Personal Yefengs Theme

This is a very characteristic personal WordPress theme, full of strong cartoon and animation color. Do personal blog fans, can be a good use especially for girls . WordPress template is not very complex settings using the traditional single-column configuration of the legendary small fresh template. The background uses a beautiful slideshow.

024056zAs wordpress主题:特色个人yefengs主题


WordPress Picture Theme: Cats MagicBox Free Picture Theme


Waterfall in the country has been crazy to the extreme, this site published at least 2 more than the waterfall stream modified WordPress picture theme, even Baidu’s image search also use the plate, today Cat also released his own modified waterfall flow We are also the first time release.

The home page and the list page uses the fluid layout, according to the article automatically typesetting into a demonstration station this irregular picture layout, WordPress picture theme do photography, do picture display and exhibition of friends can make good use of it. Other do not introduce, need friends to download it.

012505Y7a wordpress图片主题:猫猫MagicBoxFree图片主题