WordPress multi-style Chinese portal binhow 1.0 cms theme

The wordpress cms theme styles are divided into three kinds, there are Photo Gallery, blog style, and style cms, users can more directly to their needs to make adjustments in the background.

A, wordpress theme installation
Download the theme file. Upload to wp-content / themes / directory, to prevent dislocation and so on. Please enter select enabled binhow Themes settings click Save Changes

Second, install the plug
This topic seeks to achieve speed, seo, visual and other running perfect. It is recommended to install the theme of children’s shoes just install three plug-ins Other plug-ins can be avoided.

WP-PostViews, statistics for the number of words read article

jQuery Colorbox, album pages for a slide show

Baidu Sitemap Generator, used to generate maps and Baidu site map file

Third, set the navigation bar
See: wordpress custom navigation menu tutorial

Fourth, set the theme
After installation select a topic, click on the background above the sidebar “Current Theme Settings” to enter the theme settings interface.

According to the above then prompted to enter information, and click on the upper right corner of the “Save Changes.” Special note: Setting Site SEO keywords separated with commas (,).

Five independent Page Setup
See: wordpress Independent Page Setup Guide

Six thumbnail page text
Article list Picture sidebar, how not to fill words are displayed randomly, of course, you can also be customized. Setting the distinctive image in the background

Seven, wordpress cms theme slide show set
See: wordpress Slideshow Settings Tutorial

Eight Home Categories Articles Display Settings
Enter the Display category id, between the classification in English, “” separated, such as: “1,2,3”

Specifically View: wordpress Categories id View Tutorial

See: lovnvns / binhow / loveves Subject Classification Template Settings Tutorial

Waterfall Category Gallery Demo: http: //www.bocaibashi.com/catalog/meinv/

Fiction layout Demo: http: //www.bocaibashi.com/catalog/wenhua/xiaoshuo/

Fiction section layout Demo: http: //www.bocaibashi.com/catalog/wenhua/xiaoshuo/hehongshen/


wordpress theme: classic texture ZeKo-v1 theme

WordPress theme station brought a very personal blog theme texture, you need to install the theme WP-UTF8-Excerpt and WP-PostViews Plus plug-in. Change or delete text paginate.php Website Reviews bottom, the wonderful Website sidebar to find the corresponding modifications sidebar.php inside. Announcement text on the page title changes headline.php file including the classification of the top of the Archives for text. wordpress theme Other settings are some general settings.

Because they did not find the author of the presentation address, the subject interested friends can try to download and install, wordpress theme demo from the picture we can see that the overall texture and layout is very good.