County 现代 – HTML 模板 (County Modern – HTML Template)

 This is the theme of charge in English, I love the recent WP will collect charges relating to outstanding foreign English, because copyright is not available for download, and friends need I can give you.

13031116a QARK现代 HTML模板(QARK Modern – HTML Template)

Template features:

  • 30 Valid Pages
  • 7 Portfolio Pages
  • Awesome Sliders to work with
  • 45 Patterns
  • Light and Dark style
  • Unlimited background Colors
  • Pricing Boxes
  • Working Google Maps
  • JQuery Dropdown menu
  • Many more jQuery Features
  • List Slider (Default)
  • Nivo Slider
  • Accordian Slider
  • 3D Slider
  • Video Block
  • Grid Homepage
  • Static Homepage
  • Our Company
  • About Us
  • News Archive
  • Our Services
  • Our Team
  • Career and Job
  • F.A.Q
  • Typography and Features
  • Column Layouts
  • Fullwidth Page
  • Pricing Boxes
  • 404 Error
  • 1 Column Portfolio
  • 2 Columns Portfolio
  • 3 Columns Portfolio
  • 4 Columns Portfolio
  • Portfolio With Sidebar
  • Gallery
  • Portfolio Details
  • Blog
  • Blog Style II
  • Blog Post
  • Contact us

English charged topic: Fusion – Elegant Themes

Fusion is a stylish and gorgeous theme, fused into an awesome package of fun and professional. Great start-up companies, high-tech companies or design firm, this theme will your visitors impressed by its sophisticated style. Packaging ton powerful, such as response design, custom background images and themes too!

Fusion startups, tech companies or design firms, this theme will impress your visitors with its cutting edge style. The theme also comes packaged with tons of great features, such as responsive design, custom background images and more!

Fusion 450x1024 英文收费主题:Fusion – Elegant Themes



WordPress Business Theme: Corporate Kande Topic

This is a very nice business wordpress theme, standard sites and corporate users of the site. Making navigation very texture, the following three slides atmosphere, demonstrating the company’s strengths and products. This is also the soul of the entire site is located. Company profiles, company news, product classification list, contact information and so on.

124025gES wordpress企业主题:公司kande主题



WordPress Theme: Speaking Adeli Topic

I love WP bring is a well-known foreign WordPress Theme, supports slide show function / 3 slots / left column / multi-menu functions, and the theme of the volume of light, opening speed quickly but the interface and functionality is not monotonous, it is recommended as a personal blog use this theme has been completely finished, so no problem for people to use.

In the background, set the template, leaving Baidu or Google’s Webmaster Statistics code location, statistical aspects of your situation and pay attention to your webmaster. Also do advertising network alliance or friends for you to set aside a couple of advertising, do Wangzhuan essential.


042644Hnw wordpress主题:汉化Adeli主题

WordPress Theme: CMS Finished Metamorphosis Theme

This wordpress template out some time, but perfectly compatible wp3.5 tested version. Currently 80% of this theme has been finished, including the foreground Keywords background settings. For people to use it is very simple terms. Chinese simplified single page and CSS adjustments to optimize the comment box.

043638BPs wordpress主题:cms汉化metamorphosis主题

WordPress CSS to achieve adaptive control article image width and height size

Mountain modify the site is not working today because the automatic collection of pictures, the website stretch, as shown:

014849PwU wordpress实现css控制文章图片自适应大小宽度和高度

Hold the left column, and then from the Internet to find relevant information, modify as follows:

Many wordpress themes are not set adaptive image size when you insert a picture essay, if not larger picture resize manually, then the picture would be too out of bounds. In this regard, we can modify the CSS to solve, the bigger picture to set the maximum width, so it appears within the scope of the article.

1. Find the website or wordpress theme CSS file, usually style.css.

2. Next, find the article .entry label, the following label .entry add the following code:

1 entry img { 
3 max-width: 600px; 
5 width: expression(this.width > 600 ? "600px": 
6 (this.width+"px"));height:auto; 
7 }

600 which is to set the width.

The above topics according to their own design style, this amendment is not working mountain eStore themes, so finding CSS article template for .post control, so modify the code as follows:

1 .post img { 
3 max-width: 600px; 
5 width: expression(this.width > 600 ? "600px": 
6 (this.width+"px"));height:auto; 
7 }

We’ll amend article as shown:

014849MMC wordpress实现css控制文章图片自适应大小宽度和高度

Friends can follow the above method to change it yourself.

WordPress Theme: Chinese Blog XBorder Topic

This is a WordPress blog theme graphic combination of horizontal version of the original article with plans to make fresh site look more beautiful. Bulletin boards and small micro-blog feature on the right top of the very small, very good use of the blog, the write log or do SEO friends can refer to this WordPress blog theme.

020656SII wordpress主题:中文博客xBorder主题


“RayCMS” WordPress Theme

082254w6r 『RayCMS』wordpress主题

Topic Summary:

The theme of the prototype is HICMS, carefully modify cheese, has become RAYCMS, cheese originally used the HCMS, but after the cheese into the Linux space space space from the window, HCMS topic does not seem to me face ah, CSS style full chaos, let me have a new get their own theme, went ahead, I look for a long theme, finally found HICMS design very suitable for me, and also put the topic downloaded modified, but cheese never learned PHP code can only check the information on the network, so modify the progress has been very slow, and finally are done today.

Topic feature:

HICMS function: Gravatar avatar caching, thumbnail article, Logo or text, the statistical blog, article archive, colored labels.

Of course, cheese is also added its own function, hope you like oh.

①: Style Selector + Time Control:

This function can be said RAYCMS a major feature.

Cheese produced two styles colors CSS style cheese in the background and then set up a switch,

You can choose to set the time when what style

Cheese comes time to choose two time periods: before 12:00 and after 12:00

Like cheese set, before 12 theme is green yellow, blue pink after 12:00 topic.

Of course, you can also fixed style.

②: Slide: You can set the number of slide show, there are two display functions:

⑴: Top Posts Show

⑵: Specifies the column ID display

③: CMS columns:

This is extracted HCMS theme, cheese look at this topic CMS column supports up to eight columns,

We will adjust the distribution of the column, so give me chops down.

④: original Baidu linear analysis:

Cheese is packaged in a theme “download.php” file, he uploaded to the site root directory on the line, the code uses to look at the background of the short code hints.

⑤ function related articles:

This feature surely we all know, before the cheese is also used in hunting widget

The theme Lane wanted to get hold of free plug-in theme, so go Grilled code to the theme inside.

Background also added a switch, articles, would like to open to open, to shut it off.

⑤: Tencent expression:

Cheese add a new theme expression, but also the emoticons to change, and change the text.

⑥: Short code Function:

Built-in multiple short code, countdown, reply to see hidden content, downloads, music player, video player, etc.

⑦: add a colorful message board:

The message board will display the current number of comments, the blood with a bar to show you the specific look at my message board.

⑧: Added a loading progress bar:

If you do not want to use, check the cheese write “wordpress add a progress bar”, which is written in accordance with a method to remove the line.

⑨: Ad location:

I made a point of advertising the position changes, advertising throughout the site have three places,

CMS is above a column, a sidebar tag is gathered above, a related article in the page below.

⑩: small features:

Add a station page, on the page, the page submission, friendship pages, tag pages gathered, Archives page,

To add a search bar loaded to force voice, and gave back the editor added a lot of buttons, easy to operate.

Note: Add the cheese theme shield wordpress upgrade prompt, plug-in upgrade prompt, do not want to delete the relevant code to functions.php


This concludes the presentation theme, Thanks for watching.

Download address: http:? // Shareid = 184553 & uk = 254548378

This topic made raysoul contribution, thanks raysoul, also welcome friends have WordPresstheme contribution.

Taobao WordPress Theme: CMS Amoy Taoke Topics

This is Hui Hui network turned to of a paragraph Taobao guest theme, is Hui Hui of first paragraph Amoy guest theme, currently view domestic do Amoy guest of too more has, Amoy guest die version in website also is flood, because large of garbage station, and part template of abuse, Baidu has big bulk k Amoy railway station, so regardless of you is do Amoy guest also is do what, selected a a good of template is based, website also have heart of original articles is way. WordPress themes download please keep the copyright information.

Back to this topic, WordPress themes can be seen after the download to show the main picture, so that visitors experience the visual impact, no other complicated code and procedures. Want to set up a template and QQ online consultation only need to fill in the backstage on it. Promotional items and recommended product settings, here to fill in the home page to display the name of the commodity category, the classification of goods in the home page to thumbnail display.


065009OSV wordpress淘宝客主题:CMS淘客taoke主题


WordPress Theme: Responsive Layouts Uades Theme


Launch a new responsive Web design WordPress theme, tested fully supported browsers on the network, but IE6 no longer testing and support. From the author blog we can understand the response using HTML5 structure, head fixed at the top (with closed); random scrolling display article focus map; random background image; article with head, with thumbnails (non-plug-in). WordPress theme feature is very powerful background can also be very beautiful custom, this is the traditional and the largest visual difference between blog.

At the same time this WordPress support two directory menu, WordPress theme home page to support the top of the scroll picture news, the perfect support gadgets, article browsing statistics, support background perfect settings, WordPress theme function that has satisfied WP fans. Continue to focus on the author blog, I believe there will be a new version of the update concerning it.


025122S5X wordpress主题:响应式布局Uades主题