Implementation of WordPress Blog Display Site Execution Efficiency Code

This implementation of WordPress blog shows the efficiency of the site code is seen in the sky group blog, I think very interesting to try to reprint, you can see my site at the bottom the website efficiency: 1.136 seconds query the database 45 times “, Currently only tested on WordPress blog, I do not know about the trial on other sites, we welcome the enthusiastic test, what we do not understand in the message, now posted out in the code.

1 Website efficiency: <?php timer_stop (4),? > seconds query the <?php 
  echo get_num_queries ();? > database

Add this code to the WordPress theme template in the source file, follow these steps:

  1. Enter WordPress background, select: Appearance > Edit > Bottom (footer.php) or other bloggers like places, garbage station code will be added to the site at the bottom of the right side of the copyright position.
  2. Add good, click on the update file, enter the blog Home page refresh, add the code in your blog where you will find website performance! Specific effects can refer to the bottom of the garbage station blog!


WordPress Blog: Simple Chinese MS-White Topics

A simple white WordPress niche blog topics from the road MS-White, the interface is simple and elegant. Thumbnail image automatically gets a picture of each article, if the article has no pictures, then it will automatically call the default thumbnail image in the theme. Article page navigation is automatically generated, and no plug-in is required to achieve so access will be faster. Talk about SEO, automatically generate keywords and description for each post, website optimization is not a problem. In the theme package we also packaged the theme of the description and use.

mswhite wordpress博客:中文简洁ms white主题


WordPress Blog: Small lean mini WP topic

Very powerful, very cattle a WordPress blog theme, first we express our gratitude and support of the author’s free spirit of sharing. Why do I say this is very powerful WordPress theme is cattle B, first we take a look at the demo site you can see, feel intuitively very monotonous, but the topic of typography, the design can be said to be a reform of the route to go abroad, he and texture design is really unique. Particularly suitable for miniature WordPress blog.

  1. A single column, simple, ornate template
  2. WordPress blog theme with two kinds of skin can be freely selected
  3. SEO optimization options: Auto get keyword description or manually enter a keyword description
  4. Adaptive inserted picture, page, article pages, etc., forms, code, video, etc.
  5. Compatible with all browsers, even IE6 is perfect, a very good WordPress blog theme
  6. 20 kinds of background patterns to choose from (if you can not meet your needs, recommend to the download)
  7. Comes with 14 beautifully designed icons share the mainstream, I believe we will love
  8. WordPress blog theme comes powerful theme gorgeous background

0022491Bz wordpress博客:小巧精悍miniwp主题


What is the link nofollow attribute?

About nofollow:

At present, most of the blog and the establishment of systems have added the nofollow attribute. In other words, leave links on other people’s blog to get the PR value of the approach is futile. (Especially the celebrity blog, basically use nofollow)

If you are worried about the site being intrusive spam links, nofollow is a very good “refuse Link Firewall.” nofollow does not mean that the search engines do not include a link, but do not count backlinks only.

We know that backlinks are the main index to calculate the value of Google PR. To add back links, SEO cheating in a lot of forums and blog publishing content with irrelevant links. The existence of these spam links to search engines to assess the quality of web cause some degree of trouble. nofollow is the Google, Yahoo, MSN properties in response to a link spam (Spam) introduced, this property should now be widely adopted.

If there is a link to the previous page A page B, but A link to this page to add a rel = “nofollow” tagging, the search engines do not count towards the A page B page backlinks.

What is the link nofollow attribute

The so-called link nofollow attribute are those that although you can reach through hyperlinks to external sites, but this does not give the external website links to increase the weight, this will not have any impact site generates links, add nofollow link attribute does not represent linked to the site to vote through the link nofollow attribute tells the search engine web link within the meaning of this link I can not control, the site has nothing to do with this site. Links normally do when we should pay attention to prevent others add nofollow attribute so that you actually think it would be a one-way link to link, and this is relatively rare, but Bukebufang. General common blog programs are default blog message inside URLs added nofoloww properties, so let through blog comments to improve their site’s ranking has become impossible.

How to add a link nofollow property

To add a link nofollow property is very simple, just add “rel = ‘nofollow'” attribute in the link can be.

There are comments on a blog as spam:

<a href=""> keywords </a>

The following operations, namely the nofollow:

<a href="" rel="nofollow"> Keywords </a>

Search engine in the calculation of PR value, the link will not be counted.
This is for the following SEOer very important.

You can add nofollow internal links site. For example: Contact us About Us link, privacy protection, company profiles, website background like they could be nofollow out, doing the PR value of the home will not be transferred to them. Because they have too much PR value is obviously useless.

WordPress blog how to turn off the automatic generation of thumbnails

Write a blog, I like illustrations. Each time the article upload pictures, in ftp will find that in addition to uploading the picture, the system will automatically generate two or three related pictures. These pictures, is based on our own uploaded pictures automatically generated, is the size of different thumbnails. And we only use our upload goes, that a few automatically generated thumbnails, we do not use. Do not have access to, but also generate several copies, it is not caused by a waste of blog space. So today I talk to you about how to automatically generate WordPress blog thumbnail feature off.


000526MwN WordPress博客如何关闭自动生成缩略图的功能

As shown above, only the red box frame 4 pictures are useful, the rest are automatically generated thumbnails

  1. Log in to the background of the blog management, click the “Settings” tab under the “Media” option, enter the media options settings interface.
  2. The thumbnail size, medium size, large size, width and height are set to 0 or blank, then upload pictures later, only the original size of a picture of a size specification.

So two simple settings, after uploading pictures, it will only have our own upload goes, and will not generate any thumbnails.

Get a cute pet for your WordPress blog

I love WP because I think this is a lot of fun, like a friend can try to help this original reprinted to their blog

Now a lot of users have their own web site or blog, we all kind of love tossing these. When we visit the blog, often found on some blog there are cute little pets, very likable, we often can not help playing with these small pets for a while. So such a fun pet, how to add to your website or blog above it? How do we adopt a cute little pet for your own website or blog? Do not worry, I told you today.

These small pets, is adopted on a foreign website, the site name is aBowman, it is mainly for the google gadget module and development, use is very simple, as long as the code copied to the blog source (html) mode Can achieve pendant display. It can be your blog or site to add fish, turtles, dogs, hamsters and other kinds of virtual pets, is a very pleasant blog decoration. (Website address:

1. First open the website address:, you can see that the author has provided a lot of small game plug-in for use (dog, pool, mouse, turtle, penguin, etc.) .

2.  We click on their favorite pets. Enter the pet custom interface;

I love wordpress cute pet for wordpess blog

3. modify the custom dog display interface

We click edit settings to enter the custom interface:

We can see that you can modify the background color of the pet, the color of food, etc., custom projects a lot, hehe.

4. the settings are complete, you can use the above WordPress blog call code, copy and paste these codes to your website or blog sidebar, you can see a cute little pets, pet adoption success, Enjoy playing with it!


Blog WordPress blog custom field implementation log thumbnail

WordPress theme part of the home page next to the article content (top left, bottom) to achieve the article thumbnail function, the effect of this function is to rely on WordPress add new articles custom field implementation, but in the use of custom section, Join the implementation of the calling code. Blog bar explain how to customize the field through the realization of WordPress blog log thumbnail.
WordPress log to add thumbnails:

1. Login blog background, click the “Appearance” tab under the “Edit” option to enter the theme editing interface

2. Select the theme index file index.php for editing, find the code <? Php the_content ( “);?>, Add the following on behalf of the above

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><img src="<?php $values = get_post_custom_values("image"); echo $values[0]; ?>" height="100" width="600" alt="<?php the_title(); ?>" /></a>

Image is to add a custom domain name, you can freely modify

3. When adding a new article, pull the window to the custom field (called the custom field before version 3.0), enter image as the name, enter the URL of the image after the value, and then click Add Custom Called custom domain)

004238Cqz WordPress 博客自定义字段实现日志缩略图

4. Refresh the home page to see the thumbnail before the article.

Tip: The thumbnail size can be freely adjusted height and width behind the parameter values. The special placement of thumbnails can be adjusted using CSS

Link to this article:


WordPress Blog: High imitation 115 network disk X5 theme

WordPress blog template design is more and more innovative and cattle B, before this site we have released a lot of high imitation Ten cent, high imitation Baidu, Google and other high imitation material. Today is no exception, high imitation 115 network disk, the latter part of the template author will add a thumbnail, WordPress blog interface for the visual effect is more beautiful.

First of all, we look at the demonstration picture can be identified as a Chinese three column theme, the left is a very important menu, the network commonly used microblogging, mailbox, QQ space, the top navigation, the right is the traditional gadget column. WordPress blog theme suitable for personal SEO blog, hope friends download to enjoy it.


005122fk8 wordpress博客:高仿115网盘X5主题

WordPress Blog: Chinese Blog Fishy Theme

Public health graduate student Web site released a WordPress blog to share, full name is called a fishy theme. Very beautiful atmosphere of the blog theme, like a lot of templates like this on the Internet, but many of the template do not seem to have a fresh and clean feeling. But rather the WordPress themes I believe many people will like it. In particular thumbnail picture is prominent, and navigation using the orange design is also very beautiful. The following look at the author of this WordPress blog template details.

  1. Random thumbnail log does not speak of God’s horse, nothing is worth showing off, it is a theme that supports thumbnail. However fishy theme designed for lazy designer, the thumbnails using a random image in the theme package, you don’t have to set a custom field or insert pictures into your body or you set featured image in the background, in a Word, lazy to an extreme.
  2. WordPress blog custom navigation menu support multi-level dropdown menus, the appearance of a metallic glossy navigation menu, drop-down gestures slow graceful, mouse-over text there is a halo effect. (Hello, graceful, and what relationships do you have? You are only implemented in jQuery! ) In order to achieve the graceful effect dropdown menu, I had to introduce a foreigner to do the jQuery code and left their anchor text in the footer file, Apycom.
  3. Ajax comments and no nested comments style, Keke, comment template is always the most difficult to get, and I gifted in the selection, eventually yotheme review version of the sub-skin to come over, but we also on his version , Such as “Click here to cancel reply” can be perfectly clear the contents of the comment box, this is our modified.
  4. WordPress theme is a major feature of custom gadget spree, random logs, popular logs, readers with the latest comments on the picture, the reader wall, the number of articles can show the tag cloud, intimate site statistics code, and get rid of this link features a small tool. Open your background, put on our theme, switch to a small tool panel, which you can have, and also hesitant?
  5. Summary of the WordPress blog automatically intercepted, which is implemented in PHP function, most Web hosting providers should be able to support this function, I also can’t really do not support, my copyright link at the bottom of this topic, you can keep or remove, you help yourself. Footer sidebar gadget, default three gadgets can be drag-and-drop, and other sidebar does not have this restriction. Upload theme, it prompts you to upgrade if the background theme, please do not talk to him. WordPress themes public health postgraduate website reserves the rights of final interpretation on fishy themes.

074731Qla wordpress博客:中文博客fishy主题