WordPress Member Plugin: Membership Plugin

WordPress membership plugin Membership is a great help for wordpress members to charge for content that sells plugins. For some time-limited members, this plug-in is a good choice. The question now is how to use Membership?

A limited membership allows us to define a custom payment plan, such as a three-month membership, a one-year membership, and so on.

Membership There are many options, but in order to set the deadline members, first of all proficient to understand wordpress. Here we talk about this plug-in step by step:

(These settings are based on the “Subscription Plans” and select “Edit” Edit plan period)

05034325W wordpress会员插件:Membership

Mode you can select the Finite, Indefinite, and Serial.

Finite can be expired, Indefinite applies to lifelong members, Serial can be re-set the same standard.

Here are the specific settings:

Step 1: Configure Membership

Once you have created a payment plan for a limited membership, you will now need to reconfigure the membership. Click Membership -> Options and go to Advanced and select the ‘Show Membership Wizard.’

050344N4b wordpress会员插件:Membership

Step 2: Configure the included content stations

Click set Dripped Content Membership Site. Select it and click Next Step.

Step 3: Configure subscription options

This is rather complex, in order to set within a member, each Member must be moved in different members of the series. So you need to create a subscription includes content style. You can drag the appropriate subscription type.

It is set within a core of members. The following image shows an example:

050344gJ9 wordpress会员插件:Membership

Need to correspond to each Member of the scheme.

WordPress Plugin Anti Comments: WP-SpamFree

Hill did not work in the English station, WordPress default is akismet, the mountain is not working to find a better anti-spam comment plugin WP-SpamFree, function would not have said, see the following description, the key point can use this plug making the blog Contact Us page, making it easier English station.

A very powerful anti-spam WordPress plugin to eliminate comment spam, including tracking and pingback spam. It works without a verification code or other intangible inconvenient site visitors. The plug includes a contact morphological characteristics of spam. Finally, you can enjoy a free WordPress blog spam!

The large number of programs using the WordPress, so it is eyeing a number of spam providers. If you do not do any action, you certainly have a lot of blog comment spam. WP-SpamFree Anti mechanism and other anti-spam plug-in is different, Cookies and Javascript it through a combination of ways to identify and block spam.

000258pOO wordpress反垃圾评论插件:WP SpamFree

Send spam to your blog comments, most from the robot. Few robots can handle JavaScript. There was little robot can handle Cookies. It can hardly be processed simultaneously. The WP-SpamFree used to prevent comment spam robots combination of JavaScript and cookies, can effectively prevent spam span of up to 99% + Get information from your blog conventional automatic comment spam, almost 100% prevent comment spam. All this for your blog visitors who do not have any feeling, the plug has been working quietly in the background, never give users the inconvenience. In addition there are very few users (less than 2%) JavaScript or Cookie turned off by default, the system sends an alert to let user to re-open them.

wordpress plugin Anti Comments: WP-SpamFree Features

Easy Installation: Just upload and enable it.

Ease of use: Even keep the default settings, but also work well.

You can also make some adjustments to details to your liking, you can increase the number of conditions to filter spam.

No annoying verification codes, and other things that disturb blog visitors.

It is like a firewall, virtually eliminates all robots automatic comment spam.

There will be no false positives, it does not degrade the user experience.

You do not have to waste precious time filtering spam, because it would not have much comment spam.

Powerful trackback and pingback spam protection.

Comments can set blacklist.

It includes a contact form antispam functionality.

Comments e-mail notification function.

Comments intercept log mode functions.

Displays intercept spam statistics.

Fully compatible with all caching plugins, including WP Cache and WP Super Cache.

A background control panel option will keep all the comment spam interception statistics. These figures will show how effective this plugin.

Code bandwidth overhead is very low and does not slow down the speed of your blog, only a small database access, unlike some other anti-spam comment plugin. It helps maintain streamline database.

Plugin Download: official download

Original: http: //www.shanbuling.com/1730.html


WordPress Plugin: Hidden content after logging Login to view all

Should fleeting request of users, specially studied it in the WordPress blog, how to realize the hidden part of the contents of the article, allows users to log in before they can see. Actually, this is not very difficult, WordPress offers many programming interface, can easily achieve a lot of features, and now I use WordPress Shortcode API, which is simple code, made a plug-in, basically to meet the hidden content articles, after landing visible demand. Before it was developed over the relevant plug-in, but it was all hidden contents of the article, not only do the hidden part of the contents, we can say today I am doing this plugin more flexible.

Shortly after the launch of version 1.0, users yken89 mention a very constructive comments. Version 2.0 to adopt the recommendations of the users, adding a new label

<-! Loginview start-> hidden contents. <-! Loginview end->

And in HTML mode, add a button loginview to facilitate users to add to hide content. Version 2.0 draws WordPress plugin Easy2hide part of the code. After upgrading to version 2.0, the original label [loginview] is still valid. Version 3.0 fixes the support for WordPress 3.3.

Name: Login to view all

Version: 3.0
Author: Ludou
Updated: 2012-02-11
Function: You can hide part of the contents of the article, so that the user must log in to view.
Download: WordPress official download
Minimum Requirements WordPress Version: WordPress 2.7 and later

installation method:

1. Download the plugin, unzip, you will see a folder login-to-view-all, and then place it in the plugins directory, plugin directory is usually `wp-content / plugins /`
2. In the background the corresponding plug-in management page to activate the plugin Login to view all
3. Complete

Instructions for use:
1. In the editor of WordPress article, switch to HTML mode, select the content you want to hide, click the button to use loginview
<-! Loginview start->
<-! Loginview end->
Enclose the hidden content; the benefits of using this tag is that you disable this plug-in, the label will not be displayed.

2. If you do not like the HTML code mode, you can use the [loginview] and [/ loginview] would you want to hide the contents enclosed in the tag mode and supports visual HTML editing mode. Your article content should look like this:

[Loginview] here is you want to hide the contents of [/ loginview]

3. Thus, when users browse articles not logged in, you can not read the hidden content.

Effect preview:


004039Avq WordPress插件:隐藏内容登陆后可见 Login to view all

Original article: http: //www.ludou.org/wordpress-plugin-login-to-view-all.html

Multifunction WordPress Plugin WP-INSERT

After the blog is set up, in order to realize the need for some functions, bloggers can install a variety of plug-ins, over time there will be a lot of background plug, plug-in installed situation occurs more resources occupied backstage and plug-in conflicts, it is boring, so, WP-INSERT this versatile plug-in can help you a great favor, which combines advertising, Feed, Google statistics, editing, syntax highlighting and many other plug-in functionality in one, bloggers management blog a good tool.

WordPress plugin: WP-INSERT use

After installing the plug-in is enabled, the control panel at the bottom of the left column of the background, you will see “Wp-Insert” icon, click on the pop-up drop-down menu as shown below. Click on these options you can enter the relevant settings page, respectively.


Ad Manager “Manage Ads”

Ad management feature, you can at the top of the article page, place the ad below, left, right, bottom.

You can also place ads in unskilled laborer bar, if you add the “Ad Widget: X” advertising, you have to be in the “Appearance” -> “widget” in this ad drag to the right gadget will be in the foreground display.

Privacy policy management “Manage-Privacy-Policy”

Adjust your privacy policy

Allocation page Privacy Policy

Management term provisions “Manage T & C”

Adjust your terms and conditions

For the management – Terminology – Conditions allocation page

Page Management “Manage Pages”

Adjust the page order in which functionally equivalent My Page Order plugin.

Syntax highlighting “Syntax Highlighting”

Syntax highlighting themes and plug-in editor

Articles and pages highlighted in the code

Feed management “Manage Feeds”

You can set the Logo Feed address, height, width

You can also insert tags above or below the page content Feed

Google Analytics Tracking “Tracking Codes”

Multifunction 103617v6d wordpress plugin WP INSERT

If you have registered with Google Analytics, enter the ID number in the settings page

Or at the head or bottom of the blog front desk include relevant code, you can be on your blog Google Analytics

WYSIWYG editor “WYSIWYG Editor”

Replace WordPresss comes editor with FCK Editor

Optional whether to disable automatic formatting

Miscellaneous “Miscellaneous”

Hide core update notification

Hide the default gadgets

Share Some Special WordPress Plugin

What is the spirit of WordPress? Is open source, is sharing! Now can be found everywhere on the network meet the needs of your plugin, and can be found also plan to resolve the problem, it is the spirit of WordPress, and I use WordPress and not only because of its easy to use, more is the ability to quickly find a solution to the problem to make my project successfully completed.

Some people may have some prejudice to the plug-ins, think plug-in will slow down the loading speed of the page, so many people are on to look for the so-called plug-in, and code to replace the plug-in method, actually with code achieved and using plug-in, the impact is the same, but plug-ins may be more of a background management options, the real impact of speed is that some plug-ins to load their CSS and js, rather than the effect is to use plug-in or add code in the functions.php.

Some of the plugins below, I found some are not that important to use in some WordPress project, but the plug-in can help you solve your problems. Following only are descriptions, how to use them, please make you powerful search capabilities, or leave me a message.

1. Login LockDown

This plugin prevents malicious users from guessing your password, you can set the wrong password x times to prohibit ip segment to log on again. This plugin is suitable for those of higher security requirements Web site.

000616gRm 分享几个特殊的WordPress插件

2. Kindeditor For WordPress

If you or your clients do not like WordPress text editor in the background, think too simple or you can use this function is not used, you can try our homemade text editor Kindeditor, which will give you a new editing experience.

3. User Role Editor

User role permissions editing, a user can modify the role of the plug-in permissions, you can set the role of WordPress: edit, author, contributor, subscriber rights to edit in detail to enhance WordPress program default user rights management. For example, you can remove the “author” role to upload files permissions, you can also give the “Contributor” permissions to upload files.

4. Ludou custom register

This is the plug pocket to write a plug-in, you can customize the user registration page, allows the registrant to directly set the password, without having to receive the password via Email. This feature does not support mail () hosts a Web site, and intranet users, it is very important.

5. qTranslate

A plugin can be used to create a multilingual WordPress site, easier to use, you can add text, add multiple language versions of the article, not like Google translation, machine translation, original text, and accuracy is not high!

6. Quick Cache

This is a special cache plug-in, the previous cache plug-in are waiting for a user to visit the page when the cache will be generated, and this plug-in can be activated once the WordPress site all page cache, so that each visitor is Fair, at the same time on the host of resources to occupy a more reasonable number.

7.  Admin Menu Editor

Use this plug-in can customize the WordPress management background left column management menu, for example, do not need to comment on the function of the site, remove the comments menu that is very necessary, otherwise the user will bring some unnecessary problems. Of course, this plug-in can also use the left sidebar to add the required menu. If you want to use the code to achieve, you can read my previous writing: WordPress background add sidebar menu, WordPress background delete unwanted sidebar menu

Reprint of the original: http://www.ludou.org/some-special-WP-plugins.html

WordPress Automatic Batch Timed Release Plugin DX-Auto-Publish

DX-auto-publish is a WordPress automatic release plug-in, convenient and practical.

The main functions of the WordPress plugin are as follows:
  1. The ability to automatically release the draft timetable batch WordPress site articles, without having to manually set the timing of each article published time, greatly improving the work efficiency.
  2. To be able to customize a scheduled post time interval.
  3. You can choose according to the ID in ascending order or randomly published draft articles.

2012092516453023(1) wordpress自动批量定时发布插件 DX auto publish

DX-auto-publish WordPress regularly publish plugin in action:

If you are an individual maintaining your WordPress site, you may some day have no time to update the site and stopped updating for search engines is not friendly. This WordPress automatically publish plugin to solve this problem, as long as you write good articles in advance and saved as a draft, the program will automatically publish your draft article, which is very convenient.

Download: http://WordPress.org/extend/plugins/DX-auto-publish/

You can also install plug-ins in the background – plug-ins, and search DX-auto-publish for direct installation

Reprint of the original: http://www.daxiawp.com/DX-auto-publish.html



WordPress Sales Link to Hide the Plugin Link Hopper

About how to hide the sales link, for different websites, we will take a different approach to solve this problem, but in the face of more and more content of the site, we will consider how to achieve maximum automation or simplicity, This WordPress sales link hidden plug-in Link Hopper can do this.

Installation method:

Direct plug-in installation in the background search “Link Hopper” installation can be activated.

140614seQ WordPress销售链接隐藏插件Link Hopper

The use of the more simple, as shown above to set a point to the directory, such as “go”, in front of the specific link in front of the set name is behind the link, set up after the test can also be so simple . The most important thing is that if the sales link changes only need to be modified here once to get, without having to modify the article.

WordPress rich plug-ins bring convenience to use at the same time on the space or the server caused a serious burden, so many people are more sensitive to the use of plug-ins, in fact, for the general site is not a big problem, of course, have to be specific circumstances to make judgments according to their own website.

Here to share two methods that do not use plug-ins to achieve the sales link hidden:

1. 301 redirect using htaccess files function link to jump

Redirect 301 /articles.html http://www.example.com/new-articles.html

Add this code to the root directory of the site under the htaccess file, in front of the site is to be displayed on their website in the form of the back is to hide the real sales links;

2. PHP files 301 redirect function

1 <?php
2 header('Location: http://www.example.com/', true, 301);
3 exit;
4 ?>


WordPress plugin: WP-log-robots log widget

WP-log-robots plug-in is a WordPress plugin that tracks the activities of search engine crawlers, and logged inside. You can search by WordPress backend and install this plug-in, very simple, very convenient. WP-log-robots widget has updated to 0.1.1. After installation, and over a few minutes, once the reptile to crawl your blog, this widget will help you to write it down, and wrote in the log inside.

Log file records the address located: http: //www.xxx.com/robots_log.txt

View log method is very simple, directly in the browser address bar: /robots_log.txt your domain name so that you’ll see a spider grabbed the record, just installed it can not immediately take effect until needed spider your site when will more space in your directory to generate a robots_log.txt.

With Chinese writing blog spam plug-in necessary defense: Some Chinese Please

This is for writing with a Chinese friend prepare a defense spam plugin. It can effectively intercept the comment and trackback (pingback) content with no text, and not written to the database, which can effectively reduce spam on the blog server unnecessary use

Note: The plug-in function is not the only Chinese in a review can not submit comments because most spam is in English.
Also, do not recommend installing WP-enabled integrated Akismet plugin will generate a lot of junk data, disable or remove Akismet plug, it is recommended to stay in the database clean up unwanted data.

There is no way for human flesh spam, it can only comment related information to the blacklist.

And if you do not want to see people everywhere send links, you can set up in the discussion – Reviews Review – set when a comment contains more than one hyperlink, it will be placed in the queue waiting for the trial.


WordPress Plugin: Beautiful calendar widget Live-Calendar

This is a calendar of events WordPress plugin, it works similar to Microsoft’s Live calendar, you can list a list of events about to happen in a calendar or calendar sidebar.

Latest version: October 22, 2011 V1.9.0
WordPress Calendar plugin new features: support calendar export position fixed small error events.


000737dED wordpress插件:漂亮的日历插件Live Calendar