WordPress Theme: Responsive Layouts Uades Theme


Launch a new responsive Web design WordPress theme, tested fully supported browsers on the network, but IE6 no longer testing and support. From the author blog we can understand the response using HTML5 structure, head fixed at the top (with closed); random scrolling display article focus map; random background image; article with head, with thumbnails (non-plug-in). WordPress theme feature is very powerful background can also be very beautiful custom, this is the traditional and the largest visual difference between blog.

At the same time this WordPress support two directory menu, WordPress theme home page to support the top of the scroll picture news, the perfect support gadgets, article browsing statistics, support background perfect settings, WordPress theme function that has satisfied WP fans. Continue to focus on the author blog, I believe there will be a new version of the update concerning it.


025122S5X wordpress主题:响应式布局Uades主题


WordPress Theme: Featuring Personal Yefengs Theme

This is a very characteristic personal WordPress theme, full of strong cartoon and animation color. Do personal blog fans, can be a good use especially for girls . WordPress template is not very complex settings using the traditional single-column configuration of the legendary small fresh template. The background uses a beautiful slideshow.

024056zAs wordpress主题:特色个人yefengs主题


WordPress Picture Theme: Cats MagicBox Free Picture Theme


Waterfall in the country has been crazy to the extreme, this site published at least 2 more than the waterfall stream modified WordPress picture theme, even Baidu’s image search also use the plate, today Cat also released his own modified waterfall flow We are also the first time release.

The home page and the list page uses the fluid layout, according to the article automatically typesetting into a demonstration station this irregular picture layout, WordPress picture theme do photography, do picture display and exhibition of friends can make good use of it. Other do not introduce, need friends to download it.

012505Y7a wordpress图片主题:猫猫MagicBoxFree图片主题

WordPress Theme: Huihui CMS-Blue Hui Hui Network Topics


Huihui network to bring a WordPress Chinese theme, beautiful head of the framework so that this theme can be used in small industry portal station. Home to join the four striking slide images can be a good integration into the ad. Plus the latest articles on sliding effects, popular articles, reviews, and random articles to make the site look more gorgeous. Theme using HTML5 + CSS3 build, compatible with the mainstream network browser, please rest assured that use.

WordPress Chinese themes for specific methods, we can refer to blog in detail, supporting the author’s share, I hope you will retain the copyright information.

070647uG5 wordpress主题:辉辉网huihuicms blue主题


WordPress Theme: Taobao off Laogui Topic

Very suitable for beginners to make friends at Amoy Gardens in a WordPress theme, the theme laogui detailed instructions and topics related presentations we’ve packaged in compressed topic, after the download is complete, please read it in detail. This WordPress template file itself rarely, mainly home-based Photo Gallery, so when novice friends to get this theme, simply replace Amoy address and put pictures into their own to address and update articles daily optimization your keywords.

Amoy in China is very crazy, there is a lot of money veteran, did not have even a penny Laozhuo novice to do a station is very simple. How to select products, how to promote the site is very important. I love WordPress will be constantly updated in late Amoy everyone needs WordPress theme, so stay tuned!


0628290zF wordpress主题:淘宝客laogui主题


WordPress Theme: Chinese three-column theme 52souluo

Chinese domestic few three-column theme, WordPress themes available today, this is a pretty good three-column theme. Demo author is made a main Photo Gallery Amoy Gardens station, the interface design is very beautiful. Upper right corner of the website have assisted selection, support for multi-level navigation menu. And not the same as a traditional blog, this theme thumbnails on the right, categories, and tags are placed in the bottom title, typography and innovative, results are very clear. WordPress Download Keep On copyright, the establishment of a number of pretty wp environment


060122UWW wordpress主题:中文三栏52souluo主题



WordPress Enterprise Theme: Chinese Enterprises taichung topic

Chinese business WordPress theme – the theme of Chinese enterprises and traditional businesses taizhong station layout are basically the same, plus a white background color blue navigation for the whole site looks very atmospheric and beautiful. Home Slideshow dynamic effect is the soul of the station.

On the basis of the original plus interactive elements on the left and about 53 customer service QQ online consultation, which is the development of the Internet marketing and service models. This WordPress theme fully meet the requirements of domestic enterprises and small enterprises stand, I believe that this template will be more and more popular and the use of SMEs. I believe that with the development of the Internet, the future is not only individuals have their own blog, every business has its own portal site.


055352r9P wordpress企业主题:中文企业taizhong主题


WordPress Theme: Chinese Metrobeta topic

The WordPress theme is a Chinese theme high imitation IPC.me particularly suitable software blog promotion, SEO in the template, homepage, category pages, keywords and description intelligent article on page extraction, in the latest release within 48 hours automatically displays the new label recommendation, very humane. Metrobeta theme thumbnails is also a major highlight of this topic are based on large map displayed in three recently published articles, 3 are automatically reduced after the show, make your site more rational structure focused.

Chinese Metrobeta theme is also into a lot of advertising, 125X125 ad slot on the right side can be adjusted and set according to their needs. Template source added Baidu share social element, from the author of compatibility for all versions of IE6.0 above and other mainstream browsers have done a compatible processing. WP is completely suitable for the majority of fans friends.

053102wl0 wordpress主题:中文Metrobeta主题


WordPress Theme: Texture of Grain Single Column Theme iFancy Released

Today brought to you by WordPress premium theme is a theme that is like by a lot of people: ifancy single-column theme for a shrimp sauce, this is the original premium theme for a shrimp sauce, priced at 110RMB, compared to this theme 110 yuan in terms of value is very reasonable. In view of this theme now.

aa200e7424b2fdfd483226d882bab784 WordPress收费主题:质感木纹单栏主题iFancy放出

Has been a lot of people share it for free, I also have the gall to share to everyone. This WordPress theme is not only set in the background to write comprehensive set, front page is very textured, in terms of details or features that are rare and excellent work

Theme features:
  1. The background is clear and simple, and most of the features can be set in the background
  2. Two exterior style, background direct switch
  3. Built-in 8 article style.
  4. Custom slide and special effects
  5. Link template automatically get links in the WordPress link table, and displays the profile with the favicon icon
  6. Built-in multi-buttons, shortcode, and very personalized convenience.
  7. Easy to install, no need to modify the theme files, available after a simple set