The Second Theme of the Basic Flow of Production

It’s also simple and fun to create theme tutorials. On the subject of our WordPress tutorial for a brief description, let us first configure our development environment.

(1) in their own computer to install WordPress running environment

The installation process may encounter some problems, the general is the Thunder and other software occupies 80 ports. So the best before the installation to the Thunder off. In addition phpnow, appserve, nertrigo and so can complete xampp work.

(2) in the local server to install WordPress

This is relatively simple, if all goes well at this time Hou, in their own browser input http: // localhost can see their installed WordPress friends.

(3) Recommendation:

Prepare some software, dreamweaver, fireworks, preferably installed more than two browsers (including ie, firefox) Of course, these are not necessarily used, but recommended Continue reading “The Second Theme of the Basic Flow of Production”