WordPress Theme Making Tutorial Summary

1、PHPnow local set up WordPress

This is the first step, first build wordpress

2. WordPress Theme Production of the Basics

Theme must master the basics of the work piece.

3. Detailed explanation of WordPress basic template files

Make a general understanding.

4. WordPress Theme Production 1: Theme File Composition

Brief introduction to WordPress theme file structure.

5. WordPress Theme Production 2: HTML Static Template Production

Provides HTML files in order to make a HTML static template

Add a tutorial in the making, still wait

How to Manually Upgrade WordPress Graphics Tutorial

52wordpress automatic updates in the background always makes a mistake, so I manually upgrade WordPress. Note: be sure to back up data before upgrade, in order to avoid data loss during upgrade.

Upgrading WordPress – following five steps:

  1. Back up your WordPress data, in particular, for security reasons.
  2. Download the latest version of WordPress, you can of course go to the WordPress website to download. (Note that here the latest version is WordPress 3.4.1)
  3. Delete the WP-includes and WP-admin directories on the host.
  4. Unzip the WordPress folder on your local computer in addition to the WP-content directory upload and overwrite all of the files to the location that corresponds to your blog host. When it encounters an overwrite, select all the cover it wants.
  5. Run http: // your blog address / wp-admin/upgrade.php, perform the upgrade..

Well, according to the above methods, to ensure complete success manually upgrade WordPress

Ranking Plugin Popularity Contest WordPress Articles Use Code Tutorial Beginner Advanced Strategy

See a lot of sites have monthly article ranking, number of days article ranking. How to achieve it? It is achieved by the Popularity Contest plug-in. We come to find out about it.

Popularity Contest is currently the latest version 2.0b2, you can download here: http://downloads.WordPress.org/plugin/popularity-contest.2.0b2.zip

Installation method

Address in the zip package downloaded above and extract to a directory.
Upload the popularity-contest.php file in the directory WP-content/plugins directory of WP, all plugins should be placed into this directory.

Page display method

Popularity Contest supports Widget, Once you have enabled the Popularity Contest, you can set the Widget in the appearance of small tools.

Widget options

Widget Title: is the header you want to display in the right side of the header.

Report Type: The type of display. As the Last 90 Days, meaning the last 90 days ranks; By Category, are displayed by category ranking; Last (n) Days, meaning that ranked the last n days, the value of n is the Number of days.
There are many types, we can try one by one.

Numbers of posts t0 display: shows how many.

Exclude pages: exclude pages, page refers to the custom page in WordPress, such as about us.

Popularity Contest settings

You can go to-Popularity settings menu to set the Popularity Contest.
Popularity Contest have some setup options, these options are public, which would affect all of the Widget (Widget option was only for a single Widget).

General settings

General setting has four options, the fourth is not much use, we can not ignore it.

Ignore views by site authors: whether to ignore the site author, if you select Yes, then the site authors clicks will not count.

Show popularity rank for posts: articles page shows the sentiment of the article, is usually above or below the article to display.

Show the [?] help link: displayed when the article has the popularity, whether to display [?] Connections, and used the last option.

Popularity value settings

Popularity Contest calculates the popularity of an article through a variety of values, including the number of hits in the article, the number of articles in the article, and so on.

A comment (Comments) can be increased to 20 popular article, click on the article once (Permalink Views) can be increased by 10, you can adjust according to their needs. I did not move anything, according to the default.

Background statistics

Popularity Contest is a comprehensive statistics page, you can control panel-Most Popular Posts to see. Here are some statistical picture.

Popularity Contest template tags


Put this tag in the Loop cycle, you can display the article’s popularity. Popularity value is a percentage that is relative to your most popular posts. For example, you work out the most popular articles of value is 1000, while the other article’s value is 500, then another article’s popularity value is 50%.

Code example:

<?php if (function_exists(‘akpc_the_popularity’)) { akpc_the_popularity(); } ?>
akpc_most_popular($limit = 10, $before =
, $after =

Put this tag on the outside of the Loop cycle, you can display a list of the most popular articles, three parameters are optional, and if not set, its default value will be used.

<?php if (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular’)) { akpc_most_popular(); } ?>

<?php if (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular’)) { ?>
Most Popular Posts
<?php akpc_most_popular(); ?>
<?php } ?>
akpc_most_popular_in_cat($limit = 10, $before =
, $after =
, $cat_ID = current category)

Put this tag on the outside of the Loop cycle, you can display a list of most popular articles under a particular category.

<?php if (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_cat’)) { akpc_most_popular_in_cat(); } ?><?php if (is_category() && function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_cat’)) { akpc_most_popular_in_cat(); } ?>< ?php if (is_category() && function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_cat’)) { ?>
Most Popular in ‘<?php single_cat_title(); ?>’
<?php akpc_most_popular_in_cat(); ?>
<?php } ?>
akpc_most_popular_in_month($limit, $before, $after, $m = YYYYMM)

Put this tag on the outside of the Loop cycle, you can display a list of most popular articles in a specific month.

<?php if (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_month’)) { akpc_most_popular_in_month(); } ?><?php if (is_archive() && is_month() && function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_ month’)) { akpc_most_popular_in_month(); } ?><?php if (is_archive() && is_month() && function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_month’)) { ?>
Most Popular in <?php the_time(‘F, Y’); ?>
<?php akpc_most_popular_in_month(); ?>
<?php } ?>
akpc_most_popular_in_last_days($limit, $before, $after, $days = 45)

Put this tag on the outside of the Loop cycle, you can display a list of most popular articles in recent days.

<?php if (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_last_days’)) { akpc_most_popular_in_last_days(); } ?><?php if (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_last_days’)) { ?>
Recent Popular Posts
<?php akpc_most_popular_in_last_days(); ?>
<?php } ?>


Popularity Contest is a very comprehensive article ranking statistics plugin, it is very simple to install and use, the program is stable, it is also very flexible, based on the need to configure any type of list that you want, and with it, your right column will become simple and rich.

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial A total of 22 Online Viewing and Download

The old Wu’s WordPress entry video tutorial a total of 22, It was from this WordPress entry video tutorial video That I began learning WordPress, so recommended to the beginner WordPress to learn about, old bird drifting. If you have any problems with WordPress, welcome to I love WordPress raised in the question-and-answer, let us all work together to address.

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 1 What is WordPress?

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 2 WordPress installation environment set up

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 3 WordPress is installed in the whole process of the machine

WordPress Basic Video Tutorial 4 WordPress Basic Settings

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 5 Add and manage articles and their classifications and labels

6 Add and manage pages, links, and media libraries

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 7 How to add video and music to your article

How to install and use the plug-in

Getting Started with WordPress Video Tutorial 9 How to install and use themes

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 10 Plugin Recommended by Akismet with SEO

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 11 How to modify the size of the text

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 12 Batch Editing Labels and Classified Plugins

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 13 commonly used plug-in recommended 3 – to achieve the plug-in page

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 14 to achieve page, classification, link sort plug-ins

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 15 in the host space to use WordPress to pay attention to the place

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 16 Disables automatic archiving of articles with multiple revisions of features

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 17 There are three ways to install WP on the cPanel host space

Getting Started with WordPress Video Tutorial 18 What is RSS What is a Feed?

Getting Started with WordPress Video Tutorial 19 Getting Started with Windows Live Writer

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 20 Windows Live Writer tips

Windows Live Writer plugin

WordPress Getting Started Video Tutorial 22 WordPress Three Offline Editors Horizontal Review

WordPress Video Tutorial 22 WordPress Three Offline Editors Horizontal Review

1. Interface appreciation

Comparison three offline Editor interface, Live Writer eventually wins.

2. Feature comparison
Feature Windows Live Writer Zoundry ScribeFire
Supports multiple blogging platforms
Yes Yes Yes
File size Large Medium Small
Features Rich Average Less
Ease of use Very good Good Not good enough
Editing features Powerful Average Average
Insert table Supported Not supported Not supported
Insert picture Supported Supported Supported
Insert a network image Plug-in support Local support Local support
Insert video Plug-in support Not supported Local support for Youtube
Preview mode Have, and loading the Web page styles Have Have
Source mode Have Have Have
Log settings Rich Less Less
Save local draft Have Have No
Plugin Supported Not supported Not supported
3. Summary


We can see from the feature comparison that Live Writer is the overall best offline Editor, which is why Striver will take three courses came up with all the reasons for it. But at the same time we should also see Zoundry ScribeFire and their network characteristics, such as inserting pictures and video network.

After four courses of the contact, I believe you all offline Editor, in particular Writer are more familiar with it. I hope you are able to make good use of it, let our WordPress blog is more convenient, practical and beautiful.

Finally, the Striver is the author of four videos, a high school student, tossing WP has for several months. Striver’s personal blog www.idealand.com.CN,9 mid line, trouble everyone a lot of clicking, thanks. These videos about Striver, you feel a little bit value, please use; if it were not for commercial purposes, everyone can easily spread on the Internet, but when published, please be sure to add this statement.

Video is not available

WordPress Video Tutorial 21 Windows Live Writer Plugin

WordPress is so popular, to a certain extent related to the plugin and it has a very rich. Live Writer relies on Microsoft’s Live platform, also provides plug-in functions, and a large number of authors for its development programs. This course will introduce you how to use the plugin, and featured some of the most classic and practical plug-in.

1. How to find, download and install the plug-in

Through the Add label button to enter Windows Live Windows Live Writer treasure box, and choose the right plugins and download to your computer to install.

2. Expression plug-in: cool expression

A very useful plugin, you can insert various logs, let you log more lively and vivid, supports hundreds of expressions.

3. Picture plugin: Flickr4Writer

Essential plugins for Windows Live Writer, your Flickr account picture outside the chain of the form inserted into the log. Can greatly reduce blog hosting server space and traffic, speed up Web pages open faster.

4. The other plugins: Insert Wikipedia Link, and Bing Translator, MP3 Player

Recommend some very practical and very cool plugin, and Insert Wikipedia Link entries in your log can be easily explained; Bing Translator is available in various languages for translation between MP3 Player can log in to join the music player, and music is a chain store.

Video is not available.

WordPress Video Tutorial 20 Windows Live Writer Tips

Windows Live Writer tips

Offline WordPress editor series two

Create plan author: Striver

By publishing a log instance, fully explaining the uses of Live Writer methods and techniques

1. Menu bar

Menu bar is the most important setting in Live Writer, basically all the functions can be found in it. Please pay special attention to save local draft, paste special, preview, source code, insert the map, add log account features.

2. The shortcut button bar

Releases, new, open, save drafts of several commonly used features all on

3. Edit button bar

Fonts, paragraphs, formatting such as align, insert a row

4. The task pane

View site, enter WordPress Admin, open the draft and latest logs, inserts a shortcut in the task pane, such as in, don’t bother with the menu column to find.

5. Set the bar at the bottom

Set the log category, label, release date, reviews, Ping, author, data domain, password, Digest, trackbacks, and more.

Video is not available.


WordPress Video Tutorial 19 Getting Started with Windows Live Writer

Today released WordPress tutorial to create a plan to provide the original author Striver video tutorial. This set of video tutorials divided into four lectures, from shallow into the depth to talk about different aspects of offline WordPress Editor.

Striver not long time contact with WordPress, but he summed up his experience with offline WordPress Editor, make video tutorials to share to everyone, this behavior is to be encouraged, not to mention his tutorial on doing really well, so the five decided to give Striver highest spiritual and material rewards:)

The popularity of WordPress needs your participation. As you can see, it is not so hard to do a tutorial, an article text, a video, or even a comic book can be a tutorial. As long as you use the WordPress process, through their own efforts to solve a problem, it can be used to share, and you will gain more and more. I hope you can take part in team to write and share!

Getting started with Windows Live Writer

Create plan author: Striver

List of video content:

1. WLW features

1.1 Offline editing

Don’t bother responding to burst in writing the WordPress blog offline editing save it at any time, to blog more secure!

1.2 What you see is what you get

Fonts, colors, backgrounds, and so on with the blog interface easily sync, what you see is what you get when you blog, publish results at a glance!

1.3 You can insert multimedia content

Easily insert photos, links, tables, maps, and more multimedia content, so that your blog is more colorful!

1.4 Setting release dates

You can set blog post shows on demand date, inconvenient trip on the Internet and forget the days can easily reissue released!

1.5 support multiple blogs, including the WP platform

Live Writer supported blog platforms, including Microsoft’s own Windows Live Spaces, Google’s Blogger as well as a lot of people use LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress (including standalone WordPress and
wordpress.com) and so on.

2. WLW download, installation and configuration

2.1 Download

Download http://IM.live.CN/get/, open the Web page and select Windows Live 2009 bundle online installation, the browser will download a 1.07MB wlsetup-Web.exe file.

2.2 Installation

Click Run wlsetup-Web.exe, and follow the instructions step by step to install.

2.3 Starting

Click on the Windows button, find Windows Live Writer can run in the program bar.

2.4 Adding account

Put your blog address, Admin account, a password entry to add a new log account.

3. Use WLW simply publish a blog

3.1 Writing blog

When prompted in the text box, enter the blog title in the title box, you can then place in written records of your life! Examples in this course, title: tests using Live Writer, log text: this is a test log.

3.2 Released

Click on the upper left corner of the “publish” button, because the network normally takes just a few seconds, you can log to post to your WordPress blog!

Video is not available.


WordPress Video Tutorial 18 What is RSS? What is a Feed?

 What is RSS? What does RSS mean?

RSS is a simple way to share content online (also known as aggregating content, Really Simple Syndication). Usually in terms of timeliness strong content using RSS subscriptions to speed access to information, the site provides RSS output, to allow users to get the latest updates of site content. Network users with support for RSS aggregation tools software on the client, in the case of websites without having to open the content page reading content site that supports RSS output. Simply put, RSS is a blog or news site automatically generates a summary file. Web site content updates, the summary file is also updated. So when we want to focus on a blog or Web site when just viewing the RSS summary file, and view the process is accomplished by the RSS reader to help us.

 What is a Feed?

Feed, intended is “feed, and feeding, and (news of) broadcast,”, RSS subscription of process in the will with to of “Feed”, is in this meaning Shang for extended, said this is used to received the information source update of interface; Feed is for meet hope to a species form continued get himself update of needs and provides of format standard of information export, can understanding for, you of Blog page is to people read of, and Feed is to program read of. Simply put, RSS Feed is the output address. So, RSS Feed, RSS address, Feed address, all mean the same. For example, the Feed address is 52wordpress: http://www.52wordpress.NET/feed

What is an RSS reader?

Simply put, RSS reader is a piece of software or Web sites, such as Google Reader, fresh fruit, grasping shrimp. By reading this, you can be added to websites you like the RSS, so you can keep informed of updates to these sites, and can be read directly, without the need to access those sites.

What is a RSS subscription?

RSS subscription is to increase your RSS to your RSS reader.

What is feedsky and FeedBurner? Using a WordPress blog, it is the RSS address like this: http://www.52wordpress.NET/feed use this address directly to the user subscribing to some drawbacks. For example, if the domain name change, then all the RSS subscribers will be lost.

Feedsky and feedburner RSS this category the firing site role is that it helps you copy your RSS, for instance: http://www.52wordpress.NET/feed burn http://Feeds2.feedburner.com/wpcourse http://feed.feedsky.com/wpcourse It will regularly visit your RSS address, when there are updates, it is also updated.

Such benefits are:

  1. When your domain name is changed, you only need to go to FeedBurner, feedsky good original RSS address changed, the user can still receive your updates.
  2. feedsky and FeedBurner provide not only firing of RSS, it also provides statistics and management functions.
  3. Through the feedsky and FeedBurner, you can also add email subscriptions and other powerful features.

Here are some RSS introduction video, please read and look at our WordPress video tutorial: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg3NjQwMDQ=.html

WordPress Video Tutorial 17 There are three ways to install WP on the cPanel host space

Many friends have asked this question, so out of them.

CPanel hosting was chosen, because on the one hand we recommend cPanel hosting space is used, on the other hand, cPanel is hosting industry standards in the international control panel. Of course, your cPanel for hosting space is not completely irrelevant, because the installation steps are the same for WordPress.

Three ways to install WordPress on cPanel hosting space:

  1. With simple script key installed using Fantastico. Fantastico and simple script are two very good Setup, they can one-click installation, including WordPress, Joomla and other open source PHP program. Very convenient. But using Fantastico and simple script has a problem with, is the default character set is Western Romance languages, it does not support Chinese. Although you can use SQL to change the character set for each table, but it’s more difficult.
  2. Install from a ZIP compressed file downloaded from the official website of WordPress ZIP compressed files for installation, this is the most basic way to install. Is the safest, most reliable manner.
  3. Use easywp, install easywp install stage is a small program, as long as you establish database, it will automatically go to the WordPress official site to download the latest WordPress install directly. Also very convenient.