Google Sitemap Generator Plugin

Google Sitemap Generator plugin can automatically generate a sitemap.XML file so that all of the pages in the search engines to find websites faster, so as to make the search engine more quickly your site‘s pages.
If the root directory is writable, sitemap.XML file is generated in the Blog‘s root directory, if not writable, you will need to manually upload a sitemap.XML file, an empty can and set writable permission.
After setting, and enter the settings page in the background, create a sitemap.XML plugin will prompt for the first time.

General settings:

Sitemap file: you can choose whether to write to the sitemap.XML and sitemap.Xml.gz files. If your page a lot, you can select a gzip compressed file, so you can save a little bandwidth.

Method: the first should be elected, publish or modify articles automatically rebuildthe sitemap.XML file, so that the plug-in will ensure timely update the sitemap.XML file,without us manually reconstructed. Second is used when you use a thirdparty tool to modify the WordPress database that allows thirdparty tool to modify the database to access the plug-in directly to the address, the plug-in will begin when the address is update the sitemap.XML file.
Update notification: notify Google and Yahoo when reconstruction, this function can be reconstructed in sitemap.XML file to Google or Yahoo to send a notification, they will immediately after receipt of the notification to read the new sitemap.XML file.
Advanced options: you can set the plugin tries to rebuild the sitemap.XML file temporarily improve memory limit and running time limits. If no error established sitemap.XML, then you do not need to use this one. XSLT styles, the XSLT style sheet is used to modify the XML file display styles. Using the plug-in comes with a style sheet, and then at sitemap.XML file directly in the browser will be able to see the effect.
Priority section, you can set the formula for calculating the base priority.
Not evaluated, all articles with the same priority.
Comment according to the article number directly with the current article count divided by the total number of comments get a number. This value may be very low, after all, no comments on that post to General comments of scores, and no comments article, out of nature is 0 then.
Is calculated according to the comments of the article, but it is with the current article count divided by the average value of all the comments, I think this approach is better.
Calculated by Popularity Content plugins, this plugin will display the options you want to install.
Sitemap file location section, the default is the current Blog under the installation directory, you can change the file name. Of course, you can also use custom, you will need to fill out the absolute path of the file and access the Web site.

Sitemap content section, you can set the sitemap.XML file which pages are included.You can select Home pages, articles, a separate page, category pages, archive pages, author pages.


Update frequency section, you can set the update frequency of each type of page. By definition, this requires access to certain types of Web site search engine how often times, but this value is only a search engine provides a reference, as long as the actual update frequency to set would be nice.
Priority section, you can set the priority for each page. By definition, this requires priority access to search engines which pages. However, it also as the previous, only for search engines reference. You can set the priority for each page, but the article page is divided into two categories, one is not article page when you turn on automatic calculation of fixed priority, one is to turn on automatic calculation is the minimum priority article page. The minimum priority level is set to 0.5, or other, so that youcan ensure that no comments article is not a priority of 0.


Will no longer need to set tube, the plug-in will be updated automatically when a new article is published sitemap.XML file, and Google will regularly read the sitemap.XML file. Plugin authors in the Readme file also recommends that users do not have too many adjustment options, default settings can work very well, and when there are errors or you have a specific need to modify some settings when needed.

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