How to Install WP-PostViews Counters

Always wanted to have a counter to see how your WordPress visits.

Search online for a long time and found that WP-PostViews is so famous and, therefore, as follows:

  1. Download WP-PostViews
  2. Extract, upload plug-in to the wp-content / plugins directory
  3. Find WP-PostViews plugin in the background, enabled.
  4. In the “settings” click on “PostViews” option, there are three options, is the most simple English, does not understand the dictionary or Google, so tired of typing.
    And then very happy to go Home page for a long time, has not found where there are statistics, people search, finally found the original template’s index page or pages you want to add a Word, TNND, why are all the plugins we have introduced this detail are not talking, I thought that enabling the plugin will automatically add comments below the article number.
  5. So you can manage-> look-> theme editor->index.php, in your comments (that is, which of the comments), which prior to that angle brackets, insert the following statement. (Reminder, many websites and blog will be modified to fulfill single quotation marks to single quotation marks, I like this blog has this problem, and after copying check! )
    <?php if(function_exists(‘the_views’)) { the_views(‘views’, true); } ?>

And found the effects are as follows
8 Views Comment (0)

Feel very unhappy, why number of views not behind like a comment and put it in parenthesis? Change for a long time, and followed by a small vertical lines, the effect is as follows
Views (8) | Comment (0)

Method is to just change that sentence
Views (<?php if(function_exists(‘the_views’)) { the_views(“, true); } ?>) |

You’re done! Go to look at the results bar.

Of course you can edit
Number of views (<?php if (function_exists (‘the_views’)) {the_views (“, true);}? >) |

But the final frustration found that the counter is not allowed to show a large amount of access to a bit ridiculous, and the background of FireStats a little bit fake, no way, first put it.

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