Taobao WordPress Theme: CMS Amoy Taoke Topics

This is Hui Hui network turned to of a paragraph Taobao guest theme, is Hui Hui of first paragraph Amoy guest theme, currently view domestic do Amoy guest of too more has, Amoy guest die version in website also is flood, because large of garbage station, and part template of abuse, Baidu has big bulk k Amoy railway station, so regardless of you is do Amoy guest also is do what, selected a a good of template is based, website also have heart of original articles is way. WordPress themes download please keep the copyright information.

Back to this topic, WordPress themes can be seen after the download to show the main picture, so that visitors experience the visual impact, no other complicated code and procedures. Want to set up a template and QQ online consultation only need to fill in the backstage on it. Promotional items and recommended product settings, here to fill in the home page to display the name of the commodity category, the classification of goods in the home page to thumbnail display.


065009OSV wordpress淘宝客主题:CMS淘客taoke主题


WordPress Theme: Responsive Layouts Uades Theme


Launch a new responsive Web design WordPress theme, tested fully supported browsers on the network, but IE6 no longer testing and support. From the author blog we can understand the response using HTML5 structure, head fixed at the top (with closed); random scrolling display article focus map; random background image; article with head, with thumbnails (non-plug-in). WordPress theme feature is very powerful background can also be very beautiful custom, this is the traditional and the largest visual difference between blog.

At the same time this WordPress support two directory menu, WordPress theme home page to support the top of the scroll picture news, the perfect support gadgets, article browsing statistics, support background perfect settings, WordPress theme function that has satisfied WP fans. Continue to focus on the author blog, I believe there will be a new version of the update concerning it.


025122S5X wordpress主题:响应式布局Uades主题


WordPress Theme: Featuring Personal Yefengs Theme

This is a very characteristic personal WordPress theme, full of strong cartoon and animation color. Do personal blog fans, can be a good use especially for girls . WordPress template is not very complex settings using the traditional single-column configuration of the legendary small fresh template. The background uses a beautiful slideshow.

024056zAs wordpress主题:特色个人yefengs主题


WordPress Picture Theme: Cats MagicBox Free Picture Theme


Waterfall in the country has been crazy to the extreme, this site published at least 2 more than the waterfall stream modified WordPress picture theme, even Baidu’s image search also use the plate, today Cat also released his own modified waterfall flow We are also the first time release.

The home page and the list page uses the fluid layout, according to the article automatically typesetting into a demonstration station this irregular picture layout, WordPress picture theme do photography, do picture display and exhibition of friends can make good use of it. Other do not introduce, need friends to download it.

012505Y7a wordpress图片主题:猫猫MagicBoxFree图片主题

WordPress Theme: Huihui CMS-Blue Hui Hui Network Topics


Huihui network to bring a WordPress Chinese theme, beautiful head of the framework so that this theme can be used in small industry portal station. Home to join the four striking slide images can be a good integration into the ad. Plus the latest articles on sliding effects, popular articles, reviews, and random articles to make the site look more gorgeous. Theme using HTML5 + CSS3 build, compatible with the mainstream network browser, please rest assured that use.

WordPress Chinese themes for specific methods, we can refer to blog in detail, supporting the author’s share, I hope you will retain the copyright information.

070647uG5 wordpress主题:辉辉网huihuicms blue主题


WordPress Member Plugin: Membership Plugin

WordPress membership plugin Membership is a great help for wordpress members to charge for content that sells plugins. For some time-limited members, this plug-in is a good choice. The question now is how to use Membership?

A limited membership allows us to define a custom payment plan, such as a three-month membership, a one-year membership, and so on.

Membership There are many options, but in order to set the deadline members, first of all proficient to understand wordpress. Here we talk about this plug-in step by step:

(These settings are based on the “Subscription Plans” and select “Edit” Edit plan period)

05034325W wordpress会员插件:Membership

Mode you can select the Finite, Indefinite, and Serial.

Finite can be expired, Indefinite applies to lifelong members, Serial can be re-set the same standard.

Here are the specific settings:

Step 1: Configure Membership

Once you have created a payment plan for a limited membership, you will now need to reconfigure the membership. Click Membership -> Options and go to Advanced and select the ‘Show Membership Wizard.’

050344N4b wordpress会员插件:Membership

Step 2: Configure the included content stations

Click set Dripped Content Membership Site. Select it and click Next Step.

Step 3: Configure subscription options

This is rather complex, in order to set within a member, each Member must be moved in different members of the series. So you need to create a subscription includes content style. You can drag the appropriate subscription type.

It is set within a core of members. The following image shows an example:

050344gJ9 wordpress会员插件:Membership

Need to correspond to each Member of the scheme.

WordPress Theme: Taobao off Laogui Topic

Very suitable for beginners to make friends at Amoy Gardens in a WordPress theme, the theme laogui detailed instructions and topics related presentations we’ve packaged in compressed topic, after the download is complete, please read it in detail. This WordPress template file itself rarely, mainly home-based Photo Gallery, so when novice friends to get this theme, simply replace Amoy address and put pictures into their own to address and update articles daily optimization your keywords.

Amoy in China is very crazy, there is a lot of money veteran, did not have even a penny Laozhuo novice to do a station is very simple. How to select products, how to promote the site is very important. I love WordPress will be constantly updated in late Amoy everyone needs WordPress theme, so stay tuned!


0628290zF wordpress主题:淘宝客laogui主题


WordPress Plugin Anti Comments: WP-SpamFree

Hill did not work in the English station, WordPress default is akismet, the mountain is not working to find a better anti-spam comment plugin WP-SpamFree, function would not have said, see the following description, the key point can use this plug making the blog Contact Us page, making it easier English station.

A very powerful anti-spam WordPress plugin to eliminate comment spam, including tracking and pingback spam. It works without a verification code or other intangible inconvenient site visitors. The plug includes a contact morphological characteristics of spam. Finally, you can enjoy a free WordPress blog spam!

The large number of programs using the WordPress, so it is eyeing a number of spam providers. If you do not do any action, you certainly have a lot of blog comment spam. WP-SpamFree Anti mechanism and other anti-spam plug-in is different, Cookies and Javascript it through a combination of ways to identify and block spam.

000258pOO wordpress反垃圾评论插件:WP SpamFree

Send spam to your blog comments, most from the robot. Few robots can handle JavaScript. There was little robot can handle Cookies. It can hardly be processed simultaneously. The WP-SpamFree used to prevent comment spam robots combination of JavaScript and cookies, can effectively prevent spam span of up to 99% + Get information from your blog conventional automatic comment spam, almost 100% prevent comment spam. All this for your blog visitors who do not have any feeling, the plug has been working quietly in the background, never give users the inconvenience. In addition there are very few users (less than 2%) JavaScript or Cookie turned off by default, the system sends an alert to let user to re-open them.

wordpress plugin Anti Comments: WP-SpamFree Features

Easy Installation: Just upload and enable it.

Ease of use: Even keep the default settings, but also work well.

You can also make some adjustments to details to your liking, you can increase the number of conditions to filter spam.

No annoying verification codes, and other things that disturb blog visitors.

It is like a firewall, virtually eliminates all robots automatic comment spam.

There will be no false positives, it does not degrade the user experience.

You do not have to waste precious time filtering spam, because it would not have much comment spam.

Powerful trackback and pingback spam protection.

Comments can set blacklist.

It includes a contact form antispam functionality.

Comments e-mail notification function.

Comments intercept log mode functions.

Displays intercept spam statistics.

Fully compatible with all caching plugins, including WP Cache and WP Super Cache.

A background control panel option will keep all the comment spam interception statistics. These figures will show how effective this plugin.

Code bandwidth overhead is very low and does not slow down the speed of your blog, only a small database access, unlike some other anti-spam comment plugin. It helps maintain streamline database.

Plugin Download: official download

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WordPress Plugin: Hidden content after logging Login to view all

Should fleeting request of users, specially studied it in the WordPress blog, how to realize the hidden part of the contents of the article, allows users to log in before they can see. Actually, this is not very difficult, WordPress offers many programming interface, can easily achieve a lot of features, and now I use WordPress Shortcode API, which is simple code, made a plug-in, basically to meet the hidden content articles, after landing visible demand. Before it was developed over the relevant plug-in, but it was all hidden contents of the article, not only do the hidden part of the contents, we can say today I am doing this plugin more flexible.

Shortly after the launch of version 1.0, users yken89 mention a very constructive comments. Version 2.0 to adopt the recommendations of the users, adding a new label

<-! Loginview start-> hidden contents. <-! Loginview end->

And in HTML mode, add a button loginview to facilitate users to add to hide content. Version 2.0 draws WordPress plugin Easy2hide part of the code. After upgrading to version 2.0, the original label [loginview] is still valid. Version 3.0 fixes the support for WordPress 3.3.

Name: Login to view all

Version: 3.0
Author: Ludou
Updated: 2012-02-11
Function: You can hide part of the contents of the article, so that the user must log in to view.
Download: WordPress official download
Minimum Requirements WordPress Version: WordPress 2.7 and later

installation method:

1. Download the plugin, unzip, you will see a folder login-to-view-all, and then place it in the plugins directory, plugin directory is usually `wp-content / plugins /`
2. In the background the corresponding plug-in management page to activate the plugin Login to view all
3. Complete

Instructions for use:
1. In the editor of WordPress article, switch to HTML mode, select the content you want to hide, click the button to use loginview
<-! Loginview start->
<-! Loginview end->
Enclose the hidden content; the benefits of using this tag is that you disable this plug-in, the label will not be displayed.

2. If you do not like the HTML code mode, you can use the [loginview] and [/ loginview] would you want to hide the contents enclosed in the tag mode and supports visual HTML editing mode. Your article content should look like this:

[Loginview] here is you want to hide the contents of [/ loginview]

3. Thus, when users browse articles not logged in, you can not read the hidden content.

Effect preview:


004039Avq WordPress插件:隐藏内容登陆后可见 Login to view all

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